Fly a Lie-Flat Bed with JetBlue Mint Across the US From Just $399

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Written by Charlie

Fly JetBlue Mint for cheap with fares from $399 from coast to coast! That is over 6 hours of the best lie-flat business class in the US! Plus, enjoy better food, more bags, priority every step through the airport and you can even use a variety of points to make that ticket even cheaper!

I wrote about this most recently a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see that there are still a ton of dates for this price! Flying a lie-flat business class bed across the US is normally a quite expensive proposition – and in business class seats that are not as great JetBlue Mint. So, if you wanted to get from one coast to the other, this is the best way to do it in comfort and style – and for not that much more than economy.

Fly a Lie-Flat Bed with JetBlue Mint Across the US From Just $399

This deal is available from the three East Coast cities that host JetBlue Mint-equipped planes – Boston, JFK, and Fort Lauderdale. The best availability is found out of Boston (though you can do out of JFK for $50 more).

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Where JetBlue Mint flies

On the West Coast, the cities you can fly JetBlue Mint to are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. The cheapest cities on that end is going to be San Francisco and Seattle. But, definitely play around with the dates as I saw even JFK – LAX (very expensive route) for under $450 one way.

jetblue mint cheap

$399 is insanely cheap – especially when you compare it to the same flights at different times!

The best part about this fare (besides it being a great price) is that it is available right through the end of JetBlue’s schedule (February 9, 2019)! There is availability on most days at that price so this is definitely more of a “when do I want to go” instead of “when do I have to go” situation.

Make It “Cheaper” With Points
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Use points to offset the cost

If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you can use your Ultimate Reward points at a rate of 1.5 cents per point. You can use points from your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Business Preferred at a rate of 1.25 cents per point. You can pay some or all of the ticket with your points so you could bring the cash price down, if you wanted to go that route.

On a $399 ticket:

  • If you use JetBlue points, it will require 29,800 JetBlue points
  • If you use Ultimate Reward points from a CSR account, it will require 26,500 points (or any portion thereof)
  • If you use Ultimate Reward points from a CSP account, it will require 31,900 points (or any portion thereof)
  • If you use Membership Reward points and have the Amex Plat Business card, it will cost 39,900 points but you will receive a rebate of 11,970 points for an out-of-pocket total of 27,930 points (or you can use points to cover a portion)
Finding Availability

jetblue mint cheap

To quickly and easily find availability, head over to Google Flights with this link and you can change up your dates.

Why Fly JetBlue Mint
jetblue mint cheap

What you get with JetBlue Mint

Well, besides the comfort (and even total privacy if you choose a seat in row 2 or 4 with your own sliding door), you also get 2 free bags, priority check-in, security, and boarding. You will also get to enjoy some delicious food. On a flight that lasts almost as long as a quick flight to Europe, that is not a bad price for all of that!


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