Fly Emirates A380 First Class Short-Haul For As Low As $550 (Using Your Amex Offer For Emirates)

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Last year, I wrote about what I found to be the cheapest of routes aboard the Emirates A380 in First Class. Yes, that’s right – the one with the shower. It is only a 3 hour flight but if you ever wondered what it would be like to fly on that plane and happened to be in the area of Bangkok, Thailand, you can do it for as low as $550 one way!

Edit: According to a comment from a reader below, his purchase on Emirates website defaulted to the non-US version for the actual purchase which meant he did not get the credit when purchasing a ticket not originating in the US. That really stinks and should have been made more clear in the terms. You very well may not get the credit for this flight, so please go ahead with caution. The good news is that this ticket is fully refundable so you can cancel it if you do not get the credit.

Fly Emirates A380 First Class For As Low As $550


The price in USD is not taking into account the $100 statement credit you will get if you use your Amex card with the saved Emirates offer

Of course, this will not apply to many of you, but I know there are a lot of aviation geeks that get a kick out of flights like this for the sheer over-the-top bling and shower. I know I enjoyed my time aboard the Emirates A380 in first class a couple of years ago. Yes, you can fly it on miles using Alaska miles at a cost of 90,000 one way between the US and Dubai, but if you were in the area and wanted to spend a few hundred more to try this in first instead of economy, this is your shot.

Emirates First Class

But, if you want to fly on the Emirates A380 First Class without miles, this is definitely one of the cheaper (if not the cheapest) way to experience it . It is a short flight – 3 hours – but 3 hours is certainly enough time to take in all the bling of the Emirates First Class experience. If you opt for the roundtrip, you can book it for $1,043. That is obviously a much better deal and your total price would be $943 if you pay using the Amex card with the saved Emirates offer on it.

If you are interested in business class, it can be obtained on this same route for $463 roundtrip. That is a pretty decent deal – only $200 more than economy and Emirates Business Class is pretty nice as well.

Must Have The Emirates Amex Offer To Get The $550 Price In The End

The Emirates offer is no longer available to new enrollments so you will need to already have it in your account. If you do, you should be looking for how you may want to use it as it expires June 30. That does not mean you have to fly by June 30, just book your ticket at Emirates website. The Amex Offer is for $100 back on a purchase of $500 or more. Since this ticket rings it right around $650, you will be perfectly set to get the $100 back.


Is it worth it to spend that on a short flight? That is up to each individual person. I know that I was already in the area of Bangkok and had not before flown it, I would definitely give it strong consideration. It is quite an experience, and you could be a paying customer for international first class! 🙂 Anyway, if you do have travel in that region coming up at some point and you saved the Emirates offer, give this a look. Just remember to go to to book the ticket and get the credit.

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  • Amex offer will not work on this route, as the ticket will not originate from emirates us website. Amex offer will only work for emirates flights originating from USA.

    I have tried and didn’t get the statement credit.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I added an edit to make note of that. The good news is that people could still cancel the ticket since it is fully refundable. Thanks!

  • I heard mixed reviews on the BKK-HKG EK flight. Some people say they’ll let you take a shower (make sure to tell the crew first thing) whereas some people will say it’s not possible to shower for the short segment. I believe you can but some of the tradeoffs is cutting short the meal service.

    • Thanks for that, I guess it makes sense given the flight time. I wonder what kind of service first class passengers get on the Swiss flight between MCT-DXB! 🙂