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Incredible Deal: €4.99 Flights Within Greece And 30% Off To/From Greece With Ryanair

Written by Charlie

Ryanair has tried to make things as easy as possible for the Greek people during this time of severe economic struggles. They have allowed Greek citizens to pay for their tickets with cash (since Greek credit cards no longer work when used for payment to outside-of-Greece places of payment) and they even went so far as to offer to let Greek people fly for free within Greece. The catch? They wanted Greece to drop the airport taxes and development fees to zero as well so that the tickets would be truly €0.

Flights From €4.99 Within Greece!


Incredibly cheap tickets within Greece!

Instead, they have dropped domestic Greek tickets to/from Athens to Thessaloniki, Chania, and Rhodes to an incredibly low price of €4.99 each way! That is an awesome price and certainly the cheapest around! Ryanair is known for cheap tickets but a roundtrip ticket of €10 (about $11) within Greece is just crazy!

Tickets At 30% Off To/From Greece and Europe


Even flights from Europe to Greece are cheaper

For international tickets to/from Greece, Ryanair has dropped the price by 30% and that discount is reflected in your flight selection window. That makes for some very cheap tickets around Europe! The discount is already coded into the system so you just need to search for airports in Greece and your European city of arrival/departure.

This is great news if you are traveling to Greece or already in Greece during this difficult time. While my time here has not been disrupted in anyway (other than the minor inconvenience of searching for money at ATMs the first few days of this crisis), I realize that tourists visiting Greece may want to not spend as much time here as they had originally planned, especially if they did not bring cash with them. In such instances, you could easily fly out of Greece at a low cost and explore some of the other cities in Europe, even though your main ticket was to and from Greece.

Another possibility is if you are already here and want to explore around Greece. With ticket prices of about $5.50 one way over the next couple of weeks, you can really check out some lovely places for almost nothing.

The cheap domestic tickets are available for travel from July 13th through July 26th and must be booked by July 17th.

The 30% off sale on flights to/from Greece must be booked by July 17th but is good for travel through the end of October.

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