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Flight Schedule Change With Frontier? You Could Get a $100 Voucher!

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Written by Charlie

Frontier recently changed a lot of schedules and even cancelled some flights. Find out how you could get a $100 voucher with this change!


Saturday, I wrote a bit of a rant about Frontier and their flight change/cancellations that went out yesterday. Not only was I on hold for over 95 minutes, but it could have potentially cost me even more money than I originally saved from booking with Frontier since the new schedule did not work for me.

Flight Schedule Change With Frontier? You Could Get a $100 Voucher

But, I did find out one thing that was kind of nice. Apparently, if you have a flight schedule change of 10 hours or more, Frontier will actually give you a $100 voucher. I have to admit, when the representative started saying “I see the change is more than 10 hours…” I was ready to say something if she was going to say that was the threshold for a refund! However, it ended up being that because it was a schedule change by that much, I would be receiving a $100 flight voucher.

Voucher Details

The voucher came in my e-mail within an hour after the phone call was done. It is a little restrictive though in that it needs to be used before October 13, 2017 but it can be for flights after that time (it just has to be applied by that date). I don’t have any plans to fly Frontier before then but it will help out my family so that worked out well! And, I got the refund!

Did you get a $100 voucher from this recent round of flight schedule changes/cancellations?

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  • Quick question – do you have to cancel the flight in order to get the voucher? I received an email this am that my flight is going to depart a whole 24.5 hours earlier than I booked it and don’t necessarily want to cancel it but now have to put in a request for work so was hoping I could still get a little something from Frontier considering the inconvenience of it all. Please let me know if you have any idea!

    • I had received it after cancelling it because it no longer worked for me. Since it is a change of over 10 hours, you should definitely ask them for a voucher even if you keep the flight.