Fast And Easy 1,000 American Airline Miles – For Free!

1,000 American Airline miles
Written by Charlie

American Airlines has a little giveaway going on and is trying to educate travelers about the new AAdvantage program at the same time. While the promotion is really about having people learn about the program and signing up for the grand prize, 2 First Class tickets wherever American flies, they are also giving away 1,000 American Airline miles just for doing the courses!

Fast And Easy 1,000 American Airline Miles – For Free!

1,000 American Airline miles

Link To Earn 1,000 AA miles

Step 1

There are 6 separate videos to watch about the program. You can watch all the way through or just skip to the end and answer the questions (multiple choice). Most frequent travelers should easily be able to answer the questions correctly. Even if you can’t answer them correctly, the points still showed for me in a test case!

Step 2

Once you have answered the questions from all 6 videos, you enter your AA information and you will have your 1,000 points! Not only would those 1,000 points cost you $35 if you were to purchase them from AA at full price (which is never a good idea), but they will also push out the expiration date of your miles because of this new activity.

The terms say that the miles will post in 6-8 weeks after the promotion ends but we should see them well before that.

An Extra 1,000 Miles?

The terms say it is only 1,000 miles per account. However, if you are like me and your US Airways account and American Airlines account did not sync up correctly, you might be able to get an extra 1,000 miles for doing this activity from both accounts.

In order to get both sets of miles, I would not merge the accounts until after the miles have posted. I would imagine this would work but do not know for certain since my miles have not posted yet. Still, it is worth a shot!

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