Look How PACKED the Fall Marathon Season Is! Which Marathon to Choose?

Written by Charlie

There are more fall marathons than ever before! The season is absolutely packed which should present some great opportunties. Which marathon are you running?

With all the postponements of marathons from the spring season, the fall marathon season is packed! October is always a pretty busy time but check out the list below of many popular marathons around the world to see what it looks like.

There Are So Many Fall Marathon Options!

We have several firsts like the Boston Marathon taking place in September – that by itself is a pretty big move! But, we also have the huge London Marathon and Paris Marathon races moving to fall slots. They join many other popular, huge marathons already set to take place.

Another first is that 5 of the 6 World Marathon Major events will be taking place within a span of a few weeks. Except for Tokyo, they will all be from mid-September to early November.

This brings up some interesting thoughts – which marathon to choose for the fall? Technically, people could keep their current reservations for things like the Boston, Paris, Rome, London, Prague, etc and also had another fall favorite. We could also see people trying for hitting as many big marathons in a short space of time as possible.

Plenty of Opportunities for Elites and Average Runners Alike with the Fall Marathon Season

Or, we could have some runners choose races based on competitive advantage. With the Summer Olympics not taking place until 2021, the world’s best marathon runners will be choosing fall races. Berlin always has a good presence but London will certainly be making a big play as well. Here are some of the serious marathons that world class runners normally choose, with their new dates:

  • Boston Marathon – September 14
  • Berlin Marathon – September 27
  • London Marathon – October 4
  • Chicago Marathon – October 11
  • Paris Marathon – October 18
  • New York City Marathon – November 1

With hefty prize purses in each of those races, some runners could place on the podium that may not normally be able to get there, thanks to such a multitude of races in a short span. This could be great for some runners looking for breakout opportunities.

But, how about us “average” runners? Well, there has never been a better fall marathon season! Literally, you could pick a spot on the globe and find a marathon taking place there on some weekend in the fall.

It also means there could be some new opportunities in some of the races that are typically sold out. With races like London and Paris having to move, there will be some people unable to travel on the new dates. It could mean more race openings. The same could be true for Boston since this is the first time they have allowed for refunds. The qualification window could have just added a few seconds for those runners that had not been able to make the final cut last year.

So, which fall marathon will you be running?

Stockholm MarathonSeptember 5Stockholm, Sweden
Bratislava MarathonSeptember 6Bratislava, Slovakia
Santiago MarathonSeptember 6Santiago, Chile
Med City MarathonSeptember 6Rochester, MN
Erie Marathon at Presque IsleSeptember 13Erie, PA
Boston MarathonSeptember 14Boston, MA
Air Force MarathonSeptember 19Dayton, OH
Oslo MarathonSeptember 19Oslo, Norway
OASIS Rock ’n’ Roll Montreal MarathonSeptember 20Montreal, Canada
Rochester MarathonSeptember 20Rochester, NY
Sydney MarathonSeptember 20Sydney, Australia
Moscow MarathonSeptember 20Moscow, Russia
Akron MarathonSeptember 26Akron, OH
Berlin MarathonSeptember 27Berlin, Germany
St. George MarathonOctober 3St. George, UT
London MarathonOctober 4London, UK
Oklahoma City MarathonOctober 4Oklahoma City, OK
Lakefront MarathonOctober 4Milwaukee, WI
Long Beach MarathonOctober 4Long Beach, CA
Medtronic Twin Cities MarathonOctober 4Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Wineglass MarathonOctober 4Corning, NY
Brussels Airport MarathonOctober 4Brussels, Belgium
Amman MarathonOctober 9Amman, Jordan
Hartford MarathonOctober 10Hartford, CT
Cincinnati MarathonOctober 11Cincinnati, OH
Chicago MarathonOctober 11Chicago, IL
Lake Tahoe MarathonOctober 11South Lake Tahoe, CA
Steamtown MarathonOctober 11Scranton, PA
Budapest MarathonOctober 11Budapest, Hungary
Sofia BulgariaOctober 11Sofia, Bulgaria
Zagreb MarathonOctober 11Zagreb, Croatia
Manchester MarathonOctober 11Manchester, UK
Lisbon MarathonOctober 11Lisbon, Portugal
Baltimore MarathonOctober 17Baltimore, MD
Kansas City MarathonOctober 17Kansas City, MO
Paris MarathonOctober 18Paris, France
Belgrade MarathonOctober 18Belgrade, Serbia
Columbus MarathonOctober 18Columbus, OH
Atlantic City MarathonOctober 18Atlantic City, NJ
Detroit MarathonOctober 18Detroit, MI
Toronto MarathonOctober 18Toronto, Canada
Amsterdam MarathonOctober 18Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marine Corps MarathonOctober 25Washington, DC
Niagara Falls MarathonOctober 25Niagara Falls, Canada
Frankfurt MarathonOctober 25Frankfurt, Germany
Barcelona MarathonOctober 25Barcelona, Spain
Venice MarathonOctober 25Venice, Italy
Dublin MarathonOctober 25Dublin, Ireland
Springfield MarathonNovember 1Springfield, MO
New York City MarathonNovember 1New York City, NY
Jerusalem MarathonNovember 6Jerusalem, Israel
Indianapolis MarathonNovember 7Indianapolis, IN
Savannah MarathonNovember 7Savannah, GA
USA MarathonNovember 7Washington, DC
Athens MarathonNovember 8Athens, Greece
Richmond MarathonNovember 14Richmond, VA
Knoxville MarathonNovember 15Knoxville, KY
Las Vegas MarathonNovember 15Las Vegas, NV
Madrid MarathonNovember 15Madrid, Spain
Philadelphia MarathonNovember 22Philadelphia, PA
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