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Earn Up To 19X American Airline Miles On GoPros & More Outdoor Gear [+ 20% Off]

5,000 bonus miles
Written by Charlie

This is a great promo and can help you earn up to 23,000 American Airline miles with 19X American Airline miles on GoPros and a lot of adventure and outdoor gear! Check out the post for an incredible deal on the GoPro Hero4 Black as well!

This is the kind of deal stacking I like! Thanks to a couple of mileage portal bonuses and discounts, you can earn up to 19X American Airline miles on a variety of gear and get a discount.

Earn Up To 19X American Airline Miles

Up To 19X American Airline Miles

19X American Airline miles

This is using a limited time payout increase at Backcountry from 6 miles per dollar to 15 miles per dollar. That combines with the current promo bonus of up to 5,000 American Airline miles when spending at various thresholds. Here is the post about the AA bonus promo for the 5,000 miles.

5,000 bonus miles

I am not sure how long the best part of this is going to last – the 15X portal bonus. I would move on this quickly to take advantage of it before it disappears.

Aadvantage shopping portal

The 20% Discount & Great GoPro Deal

19X American Airline miles

GoPro Hero4 models have often been on sale lately. But, there is a way to make this deal even better and that is with the 20% discount that Backcountry is giving on one full-priced item. That brings the GoPro Hero4 Black model from $499 to $399. Plus, to make it better, you can get a free LCD Touch BacPac so you can see what you are shooting. This is regularly $65, so you are getting an even better deal on that!

19X American Airline miles

This will all ring up in your cart to $399 (plus any taxes). This will translate to a minimum of 6,450 American Airline miles. At present, I would consider them to be worth about 1.7 cents each making a mileage haul worth about $110! You can also flip this package on eBay to at least break even and keep the miles!

Anything Else

Of course, you can buy anything else at Backcountry too for the bonus and the 20% off (with some exclusions, like on GPS units). If you spend the full $1,200 required for the full promo (remember, this is cumulative spend across all AAdvantage portal stores and shopping), you would earn a total of 23,000 American Airline miles! If you have friends, family, future gear purchases, and even resale options, you could really get a great haul!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
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  • Probably a dumb question but I have never shopped through the AAdvantage portal before. Do you have to pay with an AAdvantage credit card or do you get the points no matter which payment option you use?


    • Bob – No. You can use any credit card of your choice. If you are going for higher amount shopping, I recommend you take screenshots and save them for reference in case you dont get the miles.

  • You will not get the miles if you use this coupon code. Straight from the terms on the page:

    “Please note these terms & conditions: Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.”

    • As I mentioned in another reply, I have always received miles as long as it was with a coupon code in the store’s website. In this case, the code is entered without any input from the buyer. The return policy is wide enough that if you do not receive notice of the miles being earned, you can always send it back. But I am comfortable enough from past experience to take advantage of it.

  • Any idea if these portals round up? I placed 3 separate orders for $399.99 each. I’m hoping that they’ll round up to $400 to trigger the 5000 points for the $1200 spend.

    • I cannot say for sure. But, just buy something from any store through the portal for $1 or so and that will hit the $1,200 threshold since it is cumulative.

  • How do you get the free LCD Touch BacPac? I added the GoPro Hero4 Black model and it didn’t get added. I also manually added the BacPac, but the price stayed in my cart. Is there a trick?

    • I just got on my computer and it looks like they are no longer including it. I guess a lot of people must have hit the site. Sorry it is gone!

  • Charlie, IME portals have also paid out on GC purchases. An easy double dip, though you have to call backcountry to expedite the e-gift cards as they tend to take a couple days if you dont call. This way you can quickly buy the items before the promo is over.

    • That is great! I have had a couple portals not pay out on some so I typically do not deal with it anymore for the bigger bonuses as I don’t want to risk not getting the points, especially if I am going to take a loss on the resale. But I will try a double dip with Backcountry to see what happens for me (not doubting you!) because we know it will be back up big again at some point!
      Thanks for the data point, it is good to hear that it works there!

  • My last one was in fact last month when a few of my Amex cards got the ‘spend $75, get $20’ offer. I used a cash back portal (cant remember which 1) since no airline portal was higher than normal, and also got the cash back to track.