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Earn 7X Ultimate Reward Points on Apple Accessories!

Written by Charlie

I was a PC guy my whole life, until last year. I was looking for a different computer and had always admired the build quality of Apple products. I got a great deal on one (which can be very hard to do) and thought I would give it a try. Well, I got hooked! Now, when I am working on a PC, I find myself doing gestures and hotkeys that are Apple ones! I never thought I would switch, but I did!

Anyway, that has made me to keep my eyes open for deals on Apple products since they are not normally discounted. Since it can be hard to get a discount on them, many people try instead to earn as many points on Apple purchases as possible. The best point earning possibilites had been Ultimate Reward points (in 2011, the Ultimate Reward Mall was giving 10 points per dollar on purchases from Apple!). Since 2011, the points have been around 2 or 3 points per dollar.

Earn 7x Ultimate Reward Points on Apple Accessories

Not any more! Now it is possible to earn 7x Ultimate Reward points on Apple accessories (unfortunately, not on the hardware – yet). This is because Staples has just been allowed to start carrying and selling Apple accessories here in the US. Since Staples is an office supply store, people who use the Chase INK Bold or Chase INK Plus cards get 5x points on purchases there. Plus, if you go through the Ultimate Rewards mall to shop at Staples, you will pick up another 2 points per dollar. Again, they do not have hardware there yet, but they do have all the Apple accessories you could imagine, including AppleCare.

How to Earn 7X Ultimate Reward Points on Apple Accessories

1. You must have a Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus (I do not receive a commission for these cards)

2. To earn 5x points, you can shop in-store for your Apple accessory. To earn the additional 2x points (and sometimes up to 5x), you must go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.

3. Select to Earn Faster and Browse by Merchant.

Earn 7x Ultimate Reward Points on Apple Accessories

4. Select Staples and go to shop with them!

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