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How To Earn Up to 24 Miles Per Dollar on Under Armour

24 miles per dollar on Under Armour
Written by Charlie

Find out how you can earn 24 miles per dollar on Under Armour – a combination of some really great deals to help you get great gear!

Here is a great deal that could help you earn up to 24 miles per dollar on Under Armour gear, a really great deal if you like quality gear! There are a couple of things you need to get started, so here we go.

Earn Up to 24 Miles Per Dollar on Under Armour

There are a couple of steps and things you need to get started. First of all, you will need an American Express card so let’s start with that.

Step 1 – Amex Card with Amex Offer

New Amex Offers

Link: Amex Offer for Under Armour

If you have not already saved your Under Armour Amex card to your Amex card, do that now! Once you have that, you can move on to step 2. But, you will need 2 Amex cards to get the full 24 miles per dollar! So, make sure you have that on 2 Amex cards!

The details about this Amex Offer are:

  • Spend $100 or more in one ore more transactions, get $20 back
  • Expires 12/31/2016

Step 2 – United Airlines Shopping Portal

1,500 bonus miles

Link: United Airlines Shopping Promo

There is a fantastic deal going on right now that I wrote about yesterday – it gives 1,500 bonus miles if you spend $200 (cumulatively) through the United Airlines portal. This is in addition to the miles you would earn anyway.

Which brings us to the limited increase on Under Armour! United Airlines is now paying out 12 miles per dollar on Under Armour! That helps to get this deal up to 24 miles per dollar on Under Armour as we will see in the next step.

Step 3 – Putting it Together

To maximize this and get it up to 24 miles per dollar on Under Armour, you will need to spend $100 on one Amex card and $100 on the other Amex card. Since both the Amex Offer and the portal bonus are cumulative, it can be in separate transactions. But, if you spend a total of $200, you will get $40 back on your 2 Amex cards (from the Amex Offers). That means out-of-pocket will be $160.

But, the $200 will be what is seen by the United Airlines shopping promo/portal. So, you will get the 1,500 bonus miles and the 2,400 United miles from the temporary 12 miles per dollar increase.

This will give you a total of 3,900 United Airline miles for $160 in spend on Under Armour, which equals 24 miles per dollar on Under Armour. This is a really great deal and I don’t know how long the increased payout will last.

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