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Earn 15,000 AA Miles With 5 Nights At Wyndham Hotels

15,000 AA miles
Written by Charlie

With this great promo, you can earn 15,000 AA miles with only 5 nights at Wyndham hotels!

American Airlines and Wyndham hotels are running a pretty good promotion right now. It will give you 3,000 miles per stay up to 15,000 AA miles during the course of the promo. Find out about it below!

Earn 15,000 AA Miles With 5 Nights At Wyndham Hotels

15,000 AA miles

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This is a pretty great promotion, especially since Wyndham properties can be had for a pretty cheap price. For each block of 3,000 AA miles, you must make a qualifying stay. A qualifying stay works as a single night stay so you only need 5 separate nights to earn the full 15,000 miles!

Promo Details:

  • 15,000 AA milesThe 2015-16 “AAdvantage Miles Winter Promotion” December 1, 2015 and ends on February 29, 2016
  • To qualify for the Promotion and earn 3,000 miles per qualified stay a Member must
    • (i) choose to earn with American Airlines AAdvantage® miles in their member profile
    • (ii) register for the Promotion above or by calling 1-866-996-7937 during the Registration Period
    • (iii) book at least 1 Qualified Stay, at a participating hotel, with arrival dates between December 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016
    • (iv) complete the Qualified Stay by March 7, 2016 (the period beginning on December 1, 2015 and ending on February 29, 2016
  • A Member may earn up to 12,000 additional AAdvantage bonus miles by (i) booking additional Qualified Stays, at a participating hotel at a Qualifying Rate, with arrival dates within the Promotion Period and (ii) completing the additional Qualified Stays by March 7, 2016.
  • Members will earn 15,000 miles starting with their first Qualified Stay, as described above, for up to five (5) separate Qualified Stays with a maximum of 3 rooms per stay.
  • Each Qualified Stay includes all consecutive nights at the same participating hotel, regardless of check-ins or check-outs. Member stays with check-out dates after March 7, 2016 will not be counted towards the Promotion.
  • Rates offered by most on-line travel agencies and certain other rates do not qualify.
  • Members should allow six to eight weeks after completion of registration and relevant Qualified Stays for the bonus miles, issued pursuant to this Promotion, to be credited to their account.
  • Members who have elected to earn Wyndham Rewards points in their member profile will not be eligible to earn miles under this promotion.

What It Means And Making It Work

To sum all of that up, you earn 3,000 AA miles on each stay. A stay can be a single night but you must have a night between reservations if you use the same hotel. So, for instance, you could do reservations on December 6, December 8, and December 10 and that would count as 3 separate stays. But, you cannot have consecutive nights to count as multiple stays.

15,000 AA miles

Get cheap room rates to earn AA miles!

According to Wyndham’s terms, a qualifying rate is one which is a minimum of $25 for the night. So, that would be the bottom amount it would cost you. It is very easy to find room rates just a little bit over that. I found several for like $38 per night – so that cost would be $38 for 3,000 AA miles. That works out to costing 1.2 cents per mile, plus you get a hotel room for the night!

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  • •Members will earn 15,000 miles starting with their first Qualified Stay, as described above, for up to five (5) separate Qualified Stays with a maximum of 3 rooms per stay.

    Maximum 3 rooms per stay. Does this mean I could earn 9k in one night booking 3 rooms?

    • Mark, that is the way I read that but I wasn’t positive that this would happen. That is why I did not highlight that part. But it certainly does seem to indicate that!

  • Wyndham Rewards members can earn points or miles for up to three rooms per stay. Still only counts as one stay for AAdvantage bonus miles. Therefore, earn 2 AA miles per dollar on up to three rooms and 3,000 AA bonus miles for the stay.

  • If I pay for a “get 2000 points” rate and I am getting miles for the stay, do I still get the points?