Dubai Fountains (VIDEO)

Dubai is quite simply an impressive city. The thought that continues to strike as I made my way throughout Dubai is just that its citizens go to great lengths to have the biggest, brightest, best, most expensive of everything in the world. They have the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest mall (and second biggest), the world’s richest marathon, the world’s only 7-star hotel (self-appointed), the world’s biggest – basically, just fill in the blank. However, one of the things that overwhelmed me the most was the Dubai Fountains (the world’s biggest dancing fountains, of course!). I had missed them last year and made it a point to be there to catch them this year. After I moved to my new hotel and rested for a while after the marathon, I made my way towards the Dubai Mall which is the site of the Dubai Fountains and their nightly water and light show. I was able to catch one of the shows from the balcony outside TGIF and the other from the landing near the water and at the foot of the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building). From my vantage point for the second show, I was only able to capture 1/3 of the fountains on video but the 1/3 I caught were magnificent! It still gives me chills to watch it and I hope that you enjoy it as well!


Dubai Fountain Tips

  • The Dubai Fountain show runs nightly from 6PM – 11PM (Thurs- Sat is 11:30PM) every 30 minutes
  • The security guards clear out the vantage points on the landing outside the mall after each show (which lasts about 5 minutes) so do your best to get a good spot right away
  • For the best elevated view, go to TGIF on the 3rd floor of the mall. They have a balcony you can eat at but it can take a very long time to get seats there (for just myself, they quoted me over an hour while they could seat me inside right away). You will be allowed on the balcony if you are inside, so just take an inside table and go out for the show.
  • If you want the view from way up, you can get tickets to go up to the observation deck near the top of Burj Khalifa. Tickets can be purchased here.
  • If you want a somewhat unobstructed view from the ground, go up onto the small pedestrian bridge (or on one of the stairs) to be above the heads of the masses on the ground.
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