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Don’t Cancel Your Citi Executive AAdvantage Card Yet!

Citi Executive AAdvantage
Written by Charlie

The best credit card bonus of 2014 had to be the 100,000 mile Citi Executive AAdvantage card. Sure, it came with a $450 annual fee that was not waived, but it also gave a $200 statement credit as well as Admiral Club access and the 100,000 AA miles. Many people got 2 of these cards, others received 3, 4 or even more of this card to pad their AA accounts.

But, now the last batch of those cards are getting ready to come due with another annual fee or have already had them post. I know I am canceling my card as I now have access to oneworld lounges thanks to my newly minted Air Berlin status (From Zero To Gold In 7 Hours – Status Matching For oneworld Sapphireand the card really does not give me anything else of value.

Don’t Cancel Your Citi Executive AAdvantage Card Yet!

Citi Executive AAdvantage

Use this card to pay your Global Entry fee before you cancel it

However, before you canceling the card, you may want to take advantage of a new feature that has just been added over the last week. That feature allows the Citi Executive AAdvantage card to join other high-fee cards (like the Amex Platinum and Citi Prestige) to offer reimbursement for a Global Entry payment. To apply for the Global Entry program, it costs $100 and, if approved, the status lasts 5 years. If you have been thinking about going for Global Entry, hold off on canceling your Citi Executive AAdvantage card so you can use this feature!

Once the annual fee hits your card, you have 37 days to get a refund of the annual fee. According to the new Global Entry reimbursement program, Citi says it can take 1 or 2 billing cycles to see that reimbursement post. I would guess it would be similar to the Amex Platinum which posts a reimbursement within just a couple/few days after the charge has posted. It was also similar to how the $200 statement credit worked with the Citi card last year.

If you already have Global Entry, you can renew it if it will expire within 365 days (see this post for step-by-step renewal instructions). Alternatively, if you already have Global Entry and cannot renew yet, you can use the card to pay someone else’s Global Entry fee. The reimbursement is not specific to the cardholder.

So, this card has one last chance to give some great value before you close it out! Give it a shot soon before you have your annual fee to pay.

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  • Global entry question: can a green card holder apply for global entry? If one person in family has it does it help if the family is traveling together or would everyone have to have it for it to be a benefit?

  • I just canceled mine last Friday but another one will come due in June. Is it time to take advantage of it? Also, how long must you set up an appointment to complete the process at the airport? I won’t travel until December at LAX.

    • Yes, you could do it now. After conditional approval, you must make an appointment within the following 30 days. But, you can cancel the appointment and schedule a new one and keep doing that until you get your date. If you are near any other Global Entry enrollment center (and the schedule is full), they may do walk-ins. I know JFK will just take you as a walk-in.

  • Do you know if you can use the card to get reimbursed for a spouse who wants to enroll in global entry. I already have GE due to amex platinum. Thanks!

  • I logged into my Citi Exec Platinum account to see if the card benefits show this reimbursement, and I cannot see any reference to it. Can you? I would otherwise not sign up for GEP, so I want to make sure they will reimburse….

    • It is something that has been rolled out and confirmed by Citi. Some reps may still not realize that but it is a new feature. I would call and ask them, or better yet, message them, and say that you want confirmation that the benefit applies. That way, you will have it from them in writing in case there are problems later (which there shouldn’t be).

  • What if I pay for the fee and the cancel the card before receiving the refund (ie. to avoid another annual fee). I too was trying to figure this out for myself, but given I deleted the promo e-mail, I can’t seem to find the terms anywhere.

  • If you cancel your card before receiving the refund, you are out of luck (I called and asked). However, you can cancel up to 37 days after your annual fee posts and get that back. I am doing the same thing (annual fee posted and did Global entry for my niece on 5/1/15. Checking daily for the refund with none so far, but hoping it will post this week).