Get a $30 Discount on the Newest Amazon Alexa Device – The Fire TV Cube [Prime Members]

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For the rest of today, get a $30 discount on the brand new Amazon Fire TV Cube with Alexa. If you are fan of Amazon’s Alexa, check it out! This deal is only available for Prime members but it has a lot of integration between the Amazon products.

Amazon has done a really good job with their digital assistant, Alexa. In fact, it is probably second only to Google Assistant in what it can do and how well it does it (and Siri is quite a distant 3rd). Of course, there are still a few things to work out (like when it recorded a personal conversation in a home and then sent the recording to a random contact) but it has come a long way!

It is even getting better with things like travel with United allowing you to check-in for your flight through Alexa!

Get a $30 Discount on the Newest Amazon Alexa Device – The Fire TV Cube

Link: The Amazon Fire TV Cube – $89 ($30 Off)

The natural next step for the Alexa platform was the marriage of their Echo speakers with Fire TV. Now, it is here and you can order it with a $30 discount if you are a Prime member. It will be released June 21.

This new Alexa Fire Cube basically will interface with your home entertainment devices and control them with your voice as the trigger. If you were to say, “Alexa, play [certain movie]” it will turn your TV on and pull up that movie from within Amazon’s own Prime Videos or Netflix.

It also has a better microphone system with rejection so it will hear your commands even over a nearby TV speaker. This seems like a nice all-in-one device and if you are a fan of both the Echo and Fire TV, this could be your new favorite device.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to an ever-growing library of video content that offers very popular titles. This comes at no extra charge (other than the recently increased $119 for Amazon Prime that would you already need to have to access Prime TV). Using this new Alexa Fire Cube would be a nice way to get more out of the Amazon Alexa system.

This discount for Prime Members end tonight at 11:59PM PT.

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