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Delta Mechanical Failures Delay Yankees Overnight – Twice

Written by Charlie

The Delta charter for the New York Yankees has had mechanical delays twice in the last week that caused overnight delays. One of the delays caused the Yankee team to spend the night in an airport terminal.

If nothing else, it should make Delta travelers feel a little better to know that mechanical failures delay even professional sport teams! That’s right, Delta had mechanical failures that caused overnight delays for the Yankees twice in a week!

Delta Mechanical Failures Delay Yankees Overnight – Twice

From Delta

Delta Charter for New York Yankees

Delta serves as the official airline of the New York Yankees and they have the charter contract with the team. The flight is DL #8889 and is operated by a 757-200 aircraft.

Delayed and Stuck in Dulles Overnight

It started last week when the Yankees were trying to fly out of DC. The weather caused delays already but then their Delta charter also had mechanical issues. As a result, the Yankees ended up with a 15 hour delay. To make it worse, there were limited rooms available in nearby hotels so players stayed onboard the plane or in the Dulles terminal – all night long. This all night delay was thanks to a trio of problems – the weather delay, the mechanical delay, and the crew timing out.

Delayed For Hours After Diverting Back to Dallas

Then last night, they were departing from Dallas, Texas after their loss to the Rangers. They took off but had a mechanical issue and had to return to Dallas/Ft. Worth and wait for parts to have the Delta charter fixed. They ended up leaving around 4:30AM for the trip to NYC. Taking losses after their high flying month was bad enough but having to deal with an overnight delay like that certainly was not a good way to cap the series!

I imagine the Yankees are not thrilled with Delta right now about having their team delayed overnight twice in a week. Of course, these delays happen. But, the Yankees have many players who have things like hotel suites in their contracts so having those players spend the night in an airport terminal isn’t exactly what some of these players signed up for – literally. Yeah, of course they can do that once in a while but I am sure they aren’t happy about it! 🙂

The only thing I’m not happy about was that I was not in the Dulles airport last week! As a Yankee fan, that is one thing that would have made being at Dulles worth it!

So, the next time you have a Delta delay, just remember that Delta’s Yankee charter also has those same delays so it is not just you.


Featured image from Delta

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