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Over 400,000 Runners Entered the 2019 London Marathon Lottery!

London Marathon
Written by Charlie

The 2019 London Marathon lottery has closed but it set a new record with over 400,000 runners signing up for it! Find out some of the reasons people love the London Marathon and when people will find out if they are running the 2019 London Marathon!

Don’t let anyone tell you that interest in marathons is dying out! The 2019 London Marathon lottery had a record-breaking 400,000+ runners enter for next year’s race! Were you one of them?

Over 400,000 Runners Entered the 2019 London Marathon Lottery

The London Marathon is famous for many reasons and is widely sought after by runners to add it to their collection of completed marathons. One of the things that the London Marathon is known for is the amount of Guinness World Record attempts that are made each year.

World Record Attempts? Yep, the London Marathon Has Them!

This year, there were 91 attempts made with 34 successful world records set. Those included things like fastest marathon time dressed as a toilet (yeah, I hadn’t known that was a think either!). In past years, it also included things like the slowest marathon dressed as a snail (26 days).

Easy to Access and Visit

But, in addition to the record attempts, London is just a fantastic city with a ton of history and a lot to do. With it being a relatively short flight from the East Coast of the US to London (just over 6 hours) it is an easy place to get to. Add in the fact that has the English language as the spoken language and it makes for a very compelling place to visit for people from the US!

Great for First Timers!

In addition to the huge number of 400,000 entrants for the 2019 London Marathon lottery, there is another number that stuck out to me – 55% of the British entrants have never run a marathon before! This means that many people think of the London Marathon has a wonderful race for a first-timer.

Be Careful of the Weather!

For sure, you will have endless crowds and beautiful places to see along the way. However, the one thing you will need to be careful about is the undependable weather. This year, it was quite hot. So, be prepared for that! London was not this year as there were numerous complaints of shortages of water at water stops.

The lucky winners of the 2019 London Marathon lottery will be notified in October. We will revisit this race before that with some travel suggestions for those that have entered the 2019 London Marathon lottery.

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