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5 Great Black Friday Deals on Wireless Earphones for Running and Fitness

Written by Charlie

If you like to listen to things while working out, here are 5 great Black Friday deals on quality earphons for those workouts! From $38 – $235, there are plenty of choices!

While some runners and fitness enthusiasts prefer to do their workouts in quiet and solitude, there are many more that like to have something to listen to while on the go. I am in that camp for 90% of my runs as I work on some languages, listen to audiobooks, and listen to music during my workouts. If you are sweating or in the rain, it is very important to choose the right earphones for those workouts. Here are 5 great Black Friday deals on earphones for fitness.

5 Great Black Fridays Deals for Fitness Earphones

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Apple AirPods Pro – $235

These are the latest ones and the ones that I have started using for running. I had used the old AirPods for running but eventually one of the earpieces began to have problems due to the AirPods not being protected against the corrosion from sweat (even though most of their ads showed people running/working out). However, the AirPods Pro are much better suited for it and even are water resistant along with being sweat resistant.

These are by far the most expensive on this list but that is because it services two purposes – noise cancelling as well as being great for fitness. For that, it could replace two headphones/earphones so it can make more sense.

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones – $169

I have been using these for over a year now and they work very well. The earbuds stay in my ears just fine and the battery lasts for well over a marathon, with Bose saying they offer up to 5 hours of battery life. If there was a con, I would say it is the size of the earbuds. They stick out from the ear quite a little bit but they are definitely not out of balance as far as keeping them in the ear. I have moved on to the AirPod Pros for now but still have these in my bag and can definitely recommend them.

These are available in a variety of colors so check them out!

PowerBeats Pro – Totally Wireless Earphones – $199

These are some interesting fitness earphones since they had been developed with Apple so they have the H1 chip that allows it to easily transfer from Apple device to Apple device once you have synced them with your Apple ID. Plus, they probably have the best battery life of any of these with a solid 9 hours of battery life. But, the case is a bit bulkier than some others so keep that in mind as well.

These may be preferred by some for the around-the-ear design, perfect for making sure they will not fall out.

These are also available in a variety of colors.

Jabra Elite Active 65T Earbuds – $139

I had the predecessor to these and used them for quite a while. These are even better and loved by many. In fact, I would say that these may be among the most popular, thanks to the lower price. But, the price does not suggest that they are poorer quality as reviews say they work quite well. They say they will provide 5 hours of battery life.

These come in two different color options.

If you pay with an Amazon Prime card, you will get 20% of that price back in rewards!

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones – $38

If that price is surpisingly low, it is because these are not true wireless earphones. There is a wire that connects the two together that goes behind your head. This is definitely not for everyone but at the price, it cannot be beat for providing wireless connection to your phone or MP3 player. It says that it has up to 8.5 hours of battery life as well.

*Bonus! Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses with Earphones – $89

Ok, this is good if you wear sunglasses and want earphones. They actually work quite well and you will never lose the earphones! Plus, there is a “coach” that can identify workouts for you based on use, etc. I have used these but no longer do because I prefer my Oakley Flak Jackets to these. But, to get sunglasses and wireless earphones for under $100, especially Oakley, it is a great deal!

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