[Targeted Offers] Get a Kindle Paperwhite for as Little as $29

Written by Charlie

If you missed the Kindle deals on Prime Day, here is a great deal on a Kindle Paperwhite for as little as $29! You will need to be targeted for both of these offers but if you are, this is a great deal on a quality e-reader!

Maybe you missed out on all the Prime Day fun of Kindles for under $10 and $20. If you did, or maybe you want some more, you could take advantage of these offers – if you are targeted – to get an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for as little as $29. Check out the deals here!

[Targeted Offers] Get a Kindle Paperwhite for as Little as $29

This deal involves two separate offers. This will only work for the Paperwhite and one of the offers will only work on a single Kindle.

1. Membership Reward Deal to Discount Kindles

Link: Up to $40 Off Kindles

This first deal will actually work on either the basic Kindle or the Paperwhite and you can order 2 of each. Here is the deal:

  • Click this link and activate both offers
  • Add either a Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite to your cart
  • Choose to use your Membership Reward-earning card as payment
  • Apply MR points to cover 1 penny (.01) to the order (this will activate the offer)
  • You will get $30 off for the basic Kindle or $40 for the Kindle Paperwhite

It is that simple! This deal does say it is targeted but even if you are targeted, you may not see the discount. Here is what you do for that.

In my case, I had the offer on the Kindle page when I was signed in – so I was targeted. But, the offer was not appearing in my cart. So, I started a chat and explained this to the rep, giving links to both the offer and the product page. After a while, she came back with the resolution – place the order and she would refund the offer to my account after it shipped.

So, if you see the offer in your account and it will not apply after you activate it, go ahead and start a chat to ask about it.

2. $50 Off Kindle Paperwhite

Link: $50 Off Kindle Paperwhite

This is another deal that is a really good one and, I am guessing, pretty targeted! I had this deal once before and did a giveaway with that Kindle. I am not sure what they are using for targeting so definitely check to see if you are targeted (I have bought dozens of Kindles so they are obviously not just targeted people who have never purchased one!).

This offer does not preclude you from using it with another offer. But, try the first step above before adding this because the one above says it does not work with other offers (that one has worked with other offers in the past and I was not using this offer when trying the one above so that was not why it didn’t work). Use the code KINDLE50 at checkout to take the $50 off.

No date on when it expires but there are limited ones available so act quickly!

Stacking These Offers

After combining the two (even if you need the rep to add the $40 refund after the order), your pre-tax total would be $29.99. Not Prime Day great, but not bad either! Remember, if you have the agent apply the $40, that is as a straight refund and does not have anything to do with the promo above – just in case it starts working for you at a later time! 🙂

I personally look at the Kindle devices as one of, if not my favorite, travel tech items. The batteries last for up to a month, you can load them up with books, the Paperwhite comes with a backlight for nighttime reading, and you can even have access to the entire Lonely Planet guidebook collection for just $9.99 per month!

If you get both offers, this is definitely a deal to take advantage of!

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