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Deal of the Day: Up to 40% Off Anker Power Gear – Great Travel Tech!

Written by Charlie

Check out this deal of the day for the ultimate travel tech, Anker power gear! There are portable chargers, power packs, and more that are great for everywhere you want to stay charged!

I have said before and will say again – I am a huge fan of Anker power gear! I have a bunch of their accessories all over – in my car, in my briefcase, my backpack, my office space, my home. I use it on every trip as well to make sure I land with a fully charged phone (even when the airplane does not have working power ports) and to consolidate my charging area in hotels.

Travel Tech Deal of the Day: Anker Charging Gear

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Today (October 9, 2019), Amazon has a bunch of Anker gear on sale and there are some pretty good options!

My personal favorites are the PowerCore II 10000 charger. It is compact and can charge your portable devices up on the go. I also like the 60W power delivery charger. That is enough to charge your iPad Pro, your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13″ and can even charge your MacBook Pro 15″ when it is off (or is not using processor intensive programs). Those two would be my choice for today, with the USB C to Lightning cable following close behind. Apple’s cable is not very good at all for long-term use in travel so this would be my pick.

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