Deal of the Day: Save Up to 45% On These Briggs & Riley Suitcases

briggs & riley
Written by Charlie

Save up to 45% with these Briggs & Riley deals! These are some of the best bags around and now you can get them for quite a bit less than retail!

I am a huge fan of Briggs & Riley. My favorite carry-on bag (if I don’t need the extra space allowed by a soft shell) is this very Briggs & Riley bag that is on sale. Build quality is excellent and yet it remains light and easy to take anywhere.

Save Up to 45% On These Briggs & Riley Suitcases

briggs & riley

Link: Briggs & Riley Sale

One of my favorite things about Briggs & Riley bags is the lifetime warranty. Great thing to have a for a suitcase that will see it all!

If you have never used a Briggs & Riley bag before, you may be thinking “$240 for a carryon???” But, as someone that owns this very bag, I can tell you that it can be completely worth it to buy such a well-built bag if you travel much.

I have a friend that insists that the best deals are the cheapest carry-ons he can find – and he ends up buying a new one for about $40-50 every 8-10 months. Not only is it a better deal over time to get this Briggs & Riley carry-on, but it can also be a huge hassle if you are in a foreign country when your cheap bag dies on you.

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  • I’ve used a set of the Torq (carry-on with front pocket and medium and large suitcases) since they came onto the market around 2013. They’ve been great and I can highly recommend them, especially at these prices. Inevitably with hard luggage like this, there’s going to be cosmetics scratches and scuffs, and the Torq does show them more than Rimowa I’ve owned in the past. However, unlike the Rimowas and Tumis I’ve had ZERO non-cosmetic problems with the Torq, and their lifetime warranty only bolsters my confidence in their quality. One design problem with the largest suitcase is that if you roll it behind you (like a traditional two-wheeled case) the case tends to drag on the ground surface, due to a lack of clearance. It’s possible they fixed in the later versions.

    • Good to hear about your experiences! Yea, I would imagine that the larger bags have that issue with the 4 wheels. It is not something I notice with the 21″ but I still have 2-wheel bags for larger suitcases.