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Dallas Marathon Cancellation – What Now?

Dallas Marathon
Written by Charlie

The organizers of the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon announced yesterday that they were canceling the 2013 marathon. This decision was made due to an ice storm that made its way through Texas as well as future weather reports. The decision was made to protect runners, volunteers, and observers.

Dallas Marathon


First of all, I am sorry for all you who had been registered and ready to run the marathon. Cancellations are very difficult to deal with. However, when dealing with ice conditions, it is obviously the right choice to make. The runner in us is willing to go out anyway and just do our best at it with the conditions, which is why the organizers need to make those decisions for us. 🙂 I have run a couple of races (ultras) that were run in snow and ice conditions, but that was the understanding going in – it was made to be a difficult, challenging event. For a road marathon, ice is not good at all.

Now, what to do? Normally, it would be good to just extend the taper a little, run a medium long-run this weekend (or 10 miler) and run one in the next week or two. However, given the close proximity to Christmas week, that makes it much more difficult to plan. So, I would like to offer some suggestions – both for your travel arrangements and marathon choices.

Here is the information page from the Dallas Marathon with FAQ.

Travel Arrangements

All the airlines have issued travel advisories that cover the Dallas area and have many waivers in place.

American Airlines

  • On the following dates: December 4 – 7, 2013
  • And your ticket was issued no later than: December 05, 2013
  • You may travel: December 4 – 10, 2013
  • Original inventory required? Yes
  • The ticket reissue charge will be waived for one ticket change.
  • AA Travel Advisory
  • General Phone Number: 800-433-7300

Delta Airlines

  • On the following dates: December 5 – 7, 2013
  • Rebooked travel must begin no later than: December 11, 2013
  • Ticket must be reissued on or before: December 11, 2013
  • When rescheduled travel occurs on or before December 11, 2013, depending on your original travel date, the change fee will be waived. However, a difference in fare may apply. Final travel must be completed by end of ticket validity, one year from date of original issue.
  • Delta Travel Advisory
  • General Phone Number: 800-221-1212

Southwest Airlines

  • On the following dates: December 5 – 6, 2013
  • With Southwest, you may cancel and have the money/points credited to your account if cancelation is made before 10 minutes of departure. You must use the credit within one year
  • Southwest Airlines Travel Advisory
  • General Phone Number: 800-435-9792

United Airlines

  • On the following dates: December 5 – 7, 2013
  • Final travel must be completed by: One year from date of issue
  • For flight changes, the fee is waived but you may face an increase in the fare cost
  • United Airlines Travel Advisory
  • General Phone Number: 800-864-8331

US Airways

  • On the following dates: December 5 – 7, 2013
  • You may travel: December 4 – 10, 2013
  • US Airways Travel Advisory
  • General Phone Number: 800-428-4322

Making Changes

While the waivers may not cover this, be sure to explain to the representative about the marathon. Each of these airlines have offered to various runners to allow them to change the ticket to a different city for a marathon.

Marathon Arrangements

Here is a list of some other marathons taking place before the end of the year (at the time of this post, each of these marathons were still accepting new registrations):

  • Tucson Marathon – December 8th (Arizona) – website
  • Kiawah Island Marathon – December 14th (South Carolina) – website
  • Hoover Dam Marathon – December 14th (Nevada) – website
  • New Year’s Double Marathon – December 31st (Texas) – website

The Big D Texas Marathon

There are actually marathons in Dallas. The other one is help April 6, 2014. You can try to make your flight changes to run that one instead. Visit the website for more information.

Dallas Marathon



Again, sorry to those of you were affected. Hopefully, you can find another race that will fit the bill for you. At the very least, stay healthy and safe!

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  • Great post. It’s hard to reschedule so close in. I usually try to double up on my marathons when I do the training. For example I’ll register for an September or October race and then also a November or December race so I get two for the training plan of one. Ideally they will be about 3 to 4 weeks apart. that way if I’m injured, sick, etc. I may still be able to do the second one. Also if I complete the first race then I have a light “rest” week and go right back into a taper to the next race. The problem with this race is it’s so late in the year there aren’t many choices. If I lived in the area the weather just forces you on this one. If I lived elsewhere I’d pick a backup race, register and then go for a 20+ mile long run in simulated marathon pace.

  • Actually Kiawah is in South Carolina, near Charleston. I have run it twice in past years and am running it this year. It is a well-run marathon with an attractive double-loop course which is entirely flat. It is a very good Boston qualifier. Initial weather predictions look good, but that can change. The biggest risk is some strong winds off the ocean.

    • You are absolutely right! Sorry, I knew that and put down the wrong thing anyway! That is a race that I definitely want to do. Glad to hear your experience.