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Today Only: Get a “Free” Avis Rental for $30 – Great Value to Be Had

Written by Charlie

Today only, Daily Getaways has a great deal for car rentals. These certificates can save you a lot of money on your rentals if you buy these today!

This is one of the Daily Getaway items I have bought the last couple of years and I ended up getting a car that cost $120 for the day for the certificate – so, I got a $120 value for only $30! Two years ago, I went all out and bought the limit (7 certificates) for travel I knew I had coming. Read below for the details on potential value that can be had with these certificates!

“Free” Avis Rental for $30 – Daily Getaway

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Link: Daily Getaways | Goes Live at 1:00PM ET on 5/16

There are 500 of these certificates available this year, same as last year. This is down 300 from last year so act fast!

They still cost the same $30 per certificate. Here are the details about this certificate and what it will get you:

  • What You Receive: 1 savings certificate via U.S. mail
  • Dates of Travel: By June 15, 2020
  • Max. Quantity per Purchase: 7
  • Making Reservations: Once you receive the paper coupon certificate, you must present it at the rental counter for redemption.
    • You must make an advance reservation by calling 1-800-331-1212 or by visiting Avis.com
    • Twenty-four hour advance reservation is required
  • Which Cars: Good for reservations up to Class G (Premium) cars
  • This offer is valid at any participating Avis location in the U.S. (excluding the New York Metro area), Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

As you can see, being able to reserve up to a Premium class car is what gives this certificate some great value. If you rent from airport locations, especially in larger cities, this certificate could save you at least $50 – maybe even more.

Also, be aware that your credit card’s insurance coverage may not work if you are using the certificates.

But, Be Aware of Taxes and Fees!

Do remember that you will be on the hook for taxes and fees that are not covered by this certificate. I was attempting to use the certificates at the Phoenix airport and was surprised that it was going to cost $40+ per day for a “free” day using these certificates!

If you are planning on using these certificates, do keep that in mind. If you rent from neighborhood locations, the final cost will be much less. I used 4 of these at a neighborhood location in Phoenix and only paid $5 for 4 days (in addition to the $30 each certificate I paid last year) for a rental that was going to cost over $350! So, these certificates saved me $225 – not bad at all!

The Other Daily Getaway Item Today

Last year, Avis dropped their generosity a bit and started only offering Avis President’s Club instead of Chairman’s status like previous years. At $750 for President’s Club status, it is not a really great deal – at least to me. I held President’s Club status for several years as a result of holding the now-gone Continental Presidential Plus card and while it gave me some nice upgrades, I would not pay $750 for that.

Still, if you have no status and would like to get this, or you found it worth it for you in the past, you can purchase one of the 20 status packages available today for $750.

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