Cyber Monday Deals: 7 Great Deals on Headphones and Earbuds for Travel and Fitness

Written by Charlie

Here are 7 great deals on headphones and earbuds – for travel, for home, for work, and for fitness! There are some great Cyber Monday deals here so act quickly!

Here we go – adding one more earbud to this roundup and you have 7 great options of headphones and earbuds on sale for Cyber Monday! This list has something for everyone from travel, to work-from-home, to fitness. Plus, there is even a little crossover!

7 Great Cyber Monday Deals on Headphones or Earbuds

Noise Canceling Headphones or Earbuds

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Here are the deals for noise canceling purposes. There are really a lot of options available, especially this year, for anyone wanting to tune out the world around them.

Sony WH-1000XM4 – $279 (regular price $349)

Link: Sony WH-1000XM4

This is the one that I think tops the list just because it is the newest one (released in August) and it is already on sale. This is the upgrade to the XM3 which was already a great set of headphones.

I have been testing these out and the noise canceling is excellent and the battery life can easily last you a trip anywhere in the world – and likely back again before needing to plug it in. When you do need to plug it in, all you need is one of the ever present USB C cables that many of us have now.

The fit on these is slightly better than the older version and the best new tech perk is the ability to connect to two different devices to switch back and forth without having to disconnect from one to connect to the other.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II – $199 (regular price $349)

Link: Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

The next one up is the extremely popular Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones. While there are the new Bose 700 headphones available now, the 35 II are still great headphones. There are three colors available and they should work for anyone’s preference.

These headphones have great battery life as well and many people prefer the controls on here to the touch sensitive controls of the Sony headphones. Also, some prefer the fit of the Bose to the Sony. So, if one does not work for you, check out the other one!

Sony WF-1000XM3 – $168 (regular price $229)

Link: Sony WF-1000XM3

If you are wondering why these look different from the usual Sony headphones, it is the letter “F” in the name instead of the letter “H”. This indicates these are earbuds instead of headphones.

If you want noise canceling for lifestyle use as well as travel, the Sony WF-1000XM3 can be a help there. These are very compact and have many software features like being able to adjust the amount of ambient noise let in based on your movement and location. Definitely nice!

These are not sweatproof, though, so don’t expect to take these on a run without some problems later! But, for everyday use and travel, these are great.

Other Earbuds

Here are three pairs of earbuds that are not noise canceling headphones or earbuds but do have some nice features and price.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – $174 (regular price $249)

Link: Powerbeats Pro Earbuds

The Powerbeats Pro are made by Apple and they have the same H1 chip that the Apple AirPods have in them. This makes the connection process to Apple devices seamless and then they are available across all your Apple devices.

These are designed with a hook to go over the ear to provide maximum security so they will not fall off no matter what kind of fitness activity you are into. I have used these for running a lot and they work great! But, they are a little awkward fitting to use with sunglasses as you need to nudge them behind the ear hook of the sunglasses.

The battery life on these are excellent as well but the case is a little bulky for in-the-pocket use. Still, if you want a pair of earbuds that fits great and has physical controls, these are great options.

Jaybird Vista Wireless Earbuds – $99 (regular price $179)

Link: Jaybird Vista Earbuds

I had been reluctant to try these because earlier Jaybird earbuds never really worked for me, even though they were big hits with other runners. Boy, I am glad I tried these out! These are my daily running earbuds and they work very, very good! While they are not noise canceling or even reducing, the snug fit of them actually do cut down on noise a bit which is why I actually usually run with just one when I am on a busy road.

The case for these is small and compact and has a little loop attached to it that makes it easy to attach to anything. Also, it powers with a USB C cable which is a big hit for me as well.

I love these earbuds and this is the best price I have seen on these!

Amazon Echo Buds – $79 (regular price $129)

Link: Amazon Echo Buds

If you are big on using Amazon Alexa, you will want these earbuds. It is like having ever-present Alexa in your ear and awaiting your command. Some like it, some do not. If you like it, check these out!

Also, they offer Bose designed noise reduction. This means that it does not provide the same active noise cancellation that other earbuds or headphones have but it does work to reduce the noise that you will ear with these on. I have tried them on aircrafts and it does work pretty well. Not bad and nice as a perk of the earbuds.

In addition to the low price, you also get 6 months of Amazon Music thrown in also. Just make sure you cancel it after the 6 months as it will auto-renew!

Jabra Elite Active 75t – $149 (regular price $199)

Link: Jabra Elite Active 75t

I have used the previous model, 65t, and they fit quite well. The 75t comes in both regular model and active (for protection against sweat and rain). Recently, they had a huge firmware upgrade that brought active noise cancellation to the earbuds. This means that the Jabra Elite Active 75t are fantastic crossover earbuds for travel and fitness!

The non-active model costs $129 on sale.

If you want to pay even less, check out the used/like-new options at Amazon. Most of them should give you 20% off at checkout – that means you can get them for as low as $85!

Bottom Line

If you want a great deal on headphones or earbuds, these are the best ones around right now! The Apple AirPods Pro were also a great deal ($169) but are currently out of stock everywhere at that price. If the stock returns, I will add them here!

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