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The Credit Card You DON’T Want

JAL Credit card
Written by Charlie

There are a ton of credit cards out there and many of them are so good it is at times hard to pick what to apply for next! Yesterday, I wrote about my idea of a perfect credit card which draws from some current credit card perks and adds others. If a credit card company ever issued a card like that, I would jump on it right away! No question!

However, this is a credit card that is very easy to pass up. In short, this is a credit card you don’t want. Let’s look at it and see how it measures up :).

JAL Credit card

A Credit Card You Don’t Want

This prize goes to the JAL USA card. This is the USA credit card for Japan Airlines. I wrote about them last year when they were offering the huge sign-up bonus of … a calendar! This time, they have “sweetened” the offering a bit by giving the consumer a choice of three separate offerings to choose from. The one that comes with the most points only offers 4,000 points – and it brings a $20 annual fee and a $50 annual reward program fee!

JAL credit card

What do you get with those 4,000 points? It isn’t even enough for a round-trip ticket! How’s that for a “great” credit card bonus? 🙂 Thankfully, this offer ends tomorrow so we may end up having another chance to get a calendar or a coaster soon…

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  • If you think that’s bad, I suggest you take a look at some of the sub prime cards first premier offers. Massive annual fees, no rewards program, APR of $36 and hit you with a hard pull whenever possible.