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Crazy! Gas Prices Drop As Low As 78 Cents a Gallon in the US!

Written by Charlie

Gas stations in the US are hitting some crazy lows with another low in one US city today reaching 78 CENTS A GALLON! Find out the website you need for cheapest prices!

With oil prices plummeting and less demand, gas prices in the US have been dropping quite severely. It is not just the US but for many in the US, they are seeing prices that have not been seen in a generation or more! The latest drop pushes it to under 80 CENTS a GALLON in one area!

Gas Prices Drop As Low As 78 Cents a Gallon in the US!

The city that saw this jaw-dropping price was Lake City, Minnesota, according go the this story from the local CBS affiliate. There was another station that had it available for 84 cents a gallon nearby.

According to the article, this area had similar prices 41 years ago! As someone who is 38 years old, my earliest recollection of what I thought was cheap gas was 89 cents a gallon back in 1995 when we were in New Jersey (growing up in NY did not let me see a lot of low gas prices!).

To find the cheapest stations in your area, hit up to bring in the latest prices. It is just a shame that there is not a lot of travel to be done right now with prices this cheap!

Here is a way to put it into some crazy scenarios. If you were to drive a fairly modern car, which may get up to 37 mpg highway, you could get maybe an average of 32 mpg on a cross country trip. At these prices, it would cost you less than $70 to drive from NYC to Los Angeles!

Now, if only we can get some road trips in before the prices go back up! In the meantime, make sure you are at least using a credit card to fill up that gives you some extra points – not that you will get that many at these prices but I guess that is a good trade-off! 🙂

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