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Traveling in the US? Here are the Two Cheapest Months for 2019 Travel

Written by Charlie

Starting to plan your 2019 travel? Thanks to some great data research, here are the two cheapest months for traveling in the US next year. Combine that with some cheap destinations and you can save those miles for international flights instead!

We are wrapping up the year of 2018, but that does not mean that there will be no travel talk for the next couple of weeks! One of the best times to plan your travel can be at holiday time when you are together with your friends and family and outlining goals and plans for the new year.

Here Are the Two Cheapest Months for 2019 Travel

Link: Hipmunk Travel Data for When to Go

Combine that with the data that Hipmunk dug up and you can choose your destinations in the US around the two cheapest months for 2019 travel. Those months are January and September.

Right, those are not exactly great months for many people with vacation slots and school but that is probably somewhat of the point! Airlines are really desirous to get you back in the air after some of the busiest times of the year so they are willing to let those prices drop to convince you to travel.

Where Are the Cheapest Places to Travel To?

Those months are not bad months for traveling either! September can be a beautiful time to take in some of the great places around the US. Here is what Hipmunk found about some great, cheaper places to visit in September:

  • Fort Lauderdale ($219 median, 43 percent savings on peak price)
  • Hawaii! Get 38 percent savings on the peak price for both the Big Island and Kauai:
    • Kailua-Kona (Big Island – $536 median) and Lihue (Kauai – $584 median)
  • West Palm Beach ($294 median, 36 percent savings on peak price)
  • Oakland ($237 median, 34 percent savings on peak price)
  • Savannah ($333 median, 31 percent savings on peak price)

Those locations equal some nice destinations and with some pretty decent weather to still enjoy. Besides, who from the northern states would not like to get some fantastic sunshine in before the snow starts falling in October? 🙂

For January travelers, the outlook is pretty good as well. Here are the destinations that Hipmunk says are at great discounts for flights in the first month of the year:

  • Palm Springs ($370 median, 37 percent savings on peak price)
  • Orlando ($235 median, 36 percent savings on peak price)
  • Las Vegas ($259 median, 34 percent savings on peak price)
  • Denver ($202 median, 33 percent savings on peak price)
  • Boston ($236 median, 29 percent savings on peak price

Yep, again, you are not suffering much with those destinations, especially if you are flying from the snow covered states! Yeah, Boston and Denver are still going to be snowing but if you want to enjoy some snow sports, those places could help get you closer to where you want to be.

Check Other Travel Costs On Your Dates, Too!

Just remember to check around your city of choice for hotels before pulling the trigger on flights. Even though flights may be cheaper, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find hotel prices jacked up on the dates you are looking for.

One such example is the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas in January. Hotels will be at higher rates but that could just encourage you to get out of Vegas and enjoy some of the beautiful nature locations.


Knowing when to go and where to go can save you a lot of money in travel! With Hipmunk’s research, this should give you an edge for when you are putting in your vacation time for next year. With travel deals, flexibility is always key.

Of course, if you have kids in school or cannot get away from work during January and September, you can still find deals. Just make sure you don’t look in July or December as they say those are the most expensive months for travel! This handy chart will help you pick out the next best travel times and places.

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