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Last Day To Change Your Airline for Amex Reimbursement – And This Year Is More Important Than Before!

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Written by Charlie

Today is the last day to change your Amex airline choice to receive up to $200 back each year! Find out why this time is more important than before!

January 31 is the last day to change your preferred airline for certain American Express cards to receive reimbursement throughout the year. This year, that selection is even more important for one card than ever before!

Last Chance to Change Amex Airline Choice

amex airline choice

Link: American Express Airline Choice

There are 3 kinds of American Express cards that come with a benefit for airline reimbursement. Unfortunately, these are not as simple and helpful as the Chase Sapphire Reserve‘s airline credit (airfare purchases are excluded from the reimbursement).

  • American Express Platinum (personal) – $200 per year
  • American Express Platinum (business) – $200 per year
  • American Express Premier Rewards Gold – $100 per year

While they cannot outright be used to purchase tickets, there are many ways that you can take advantage of this credit throughout the year. Here are the different airlines you can choose from:

Click each airline above to be taken to a Flyertalk thread that shows what can be redeemed as things like gift cards do work with some airlines but make sure you read the threads to see what the current situations are!

If you have one of the above Amex cards, you will need to change your airline today if you want to make a different selection. If not, it will roll your current airline in for this next year. It only takes a quick moment using the link at the top and you are all set!

This Year’s Selection Is More Important Than Before!

amex airline choice

Last year, American Express rolled out a new benefit for the American Express Business Platinum card and that was the ability to Pay with Points and receive a 50% rebate on the points used, effectively turning your points into a value of 2 cents per point when used this way. You can do this through the American Express travel portal on any business class tickets.


But, you can only use it on economy tickets for the airline that you have selected for your airline choice for reimbursementIf your selected airline is one that you would not use this benefit on, it would be worth changing it just for that. For instance, if you currently have Southwest, you may want to consider moving it to an airline that you would purchase economy tickets from and you want to use your points on (Southwest special fares can only be purchased through Southwest).

So, if you have the American Express Business Platinum card, think through which airline you want selected for this year if you want to get 2 cents per point value on economy tickets!

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