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Canadian Prime Minister Delayed in India Due to a Broken Airplane

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Written by Charlie

The Canadian Prime Minister is delayed in India due to a mechanical problem with his airplane. Now, he waits for a new plane to arrive.

The G20 summit took place in New Delhi this past weekend and leaders and their delegations took off after its conclusion. Well, one leader was unable to take off and has a mechanical delay that forced him to stay another night away – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canadian Prime Minister’s Broke Plane Forces Overnight Delay in India

It was during the preflight check that a problem was discovered on the Airbus CC-150 Polaris, a plane that is 36 years old. According to news reports, this isn’t the first time the Prime Minister has been delayed overseas due to his aircraft. In October of 2016, the plane had to turn around just 30 minutes after takeoff due to an issue.

In October 2019, the plane “rolled into a wall while being towered into a hangar” in Trenton, causing structural damage. The backup plane for that plane was grounded in London later that year due to an engine issue.

The Royal Canadian Air Force has purchases new (and used) aircraft for the fleet. Two of those are Airbus A-330s that were purchased from Kuwait Airways.

But, for now, another CC-150 Polaris was dispatched Sunday night from Canada to pickup the Prime Minister and his delegation.

I imagine it must be greatly frustrating for a head of state to have to wait for a mechanical delay – I know how much they bother me!

Featured image is from April 9, 2015: a Canadian Armed Forces Airbus CC-150 Polaris, Registration 15005 – at Cologne Bonn Airport

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  • I’m sure Justin was not stuck in the aircraft for hours with no food and no AC. Ok, it was not as convenient as a private jet that didn’t have mechanical trouble. Poor baby, Justin. Just relax and the rescue plane will be there in a few hours. Canada can keep on running without Justin in Ottawa for half a day or a day.

    Justin is not very nice to foreigners with strong ties to Canada. He banned them from buying a house. Foreign buyers are prohibited. It is Justin’s doing. He is also taxing people if they don’t fit the mold of occupying a home just like he wants. In one province, if you are the wife and earn less than your husband and your husband is working in another city, the wife is deemed a real estate speculator and taxed a lot on their house. Crazy. Very Justinian (similar word to Trumpian).