Coming Soon: Use Apple Pay to Buy on eBay – Great for Bonus Points and Promos

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Written by Charlie

Soon, eBay will begin rolling out the ability to use Apple Pay on eBay to pay for items. This is good news for people that have cards with bonus categories or promos for Apple Pay or digital wallet transactions. However, it won’t be available to everyone right away.

It is pretty clear that more and more is moving towards the digital wallet age. This is for convenience but also security. With Apple Pay, for example, there is a unique security token created that handles the transaction and that is pretty secure and cannot be accessed without the owners entering of codes or biometric entry.

Coming Soon: Use Apple Pay to Buy on eBay

Why This Is Good for Points

The next major move for Apple Pay users will be the advent of paying for eBay purchases with Apple Pay. While this may not seem too big at the first glance, it is actually very good news for US Bank Altitude Reserve cardholders (who receive 3X points for digital wallet payments) since that means they will be able to earn 3X points on all eBay purchases.

Since eBay bonuses through portals and eBay Bucks have gotten more restrictive (not working for certain categories), being able to get bonus points on eBay through Apple Pay will be a nice way to equalize it. Of course, we have other promos that Chase and Amex have run before for Apple Pay that may become more common as well.

When Is This Coming?

The eBay rollout into Apple Pay will begin this fall to select customers and will then start rolling out to more customers next year with complete rollout by 2021 (not exactly sure why they are taking that long?). So, while you most likely won’t have the option to pay with Apple Pay on eBay this fall, it will be coming to you most likely in the next year or so. By then, I hope banks embrace digital wallets more by offering more promos or bonus categories for digital wallet transactions.

Source: Engadget

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