Buy a Google Home Mini for $5

Written by Dustin

Google Express and Walmart have a great deal on a Google Home Mini. This could be the best we see all holiday season.

The holiday season is here and that usually means deals are in full bloom. One that recently caught my eye was a Google Home Mini Deal over at Google Express.

Google Home Mini Deal

Google Express

When you go over to Google Express you’ll see this deal:

 Google Home Mini

The only two options that are available are:

 Google Home Mini

You purchase the Google Home for $129, or the Google Home Mini for $49. For this deal the Google Home Mini is going to be the better option. The deal will still work with the Google Home, but is better for the Google Home Mini.

If you buy any Google Home, you will receive a $25 promo code for a future purchase at Walmart through Google Express. You will need to link your Walmart account to your Google Home Device to receive your coupon code.

 Google Home Mini

Stacking the Deal:

Currently, there is an Amex Offer where you will receive a $20 credit after spending $50 or more at Google Express.

 Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is $49, but you can either add an item for $1, or if you are lucky enough to live in a tax, you might be able to hit this $50 without adding anything else.

If this is your first time using Google Express use the Promo Code: GET10OFF40. This will take $10 off $40. This will give you $10 of free merchandise at Walmart. There are plenty of options, including groceries, so look around as there are many items you can add.

 Google Home Mini

After you receive your Google Home Mini, link your Walmart account through your Google Home app. You will receive a $25 promo code you’ll need to use by January 31, 2018. You are eligible for 2 coupons per household.

Adding it up:

 Google Home MiniI added 2 jars of peanut butter to get my total after $60 after taxes.

If this is your first time using Google Express, you’ll be eligible for $10 off $40.

Using your Amex Offer, you will save another $20.

After linking your Walmart Account with the Google Home app, you’ll receive $25 for future purchase.

Total: $60.48 -$10 Promo Code – $20 from Amex Offer – $25 for future Purchase = $5.48 after all deals.

Since this can be used twice per household, you can rinse and repeat for another.


As we get closer to Black Friday, we will see more deals come along. Even if there are some great deals to come along, I am not sure we will see a better deal on a Google Home Mini than this one here. If you are in the market for a Google Home Mini this is definitely a deal to consider.

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