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New British Airways Promo: 6.5K Avios and $93 from NYC to London and Many More up to 50% Off Avios!

Written by Charlie

This new British Airways Avios promo can get you from NYC to London for just 6,500 points and $93 or you can choose many other great destinations from London for up to 50% fewer Avios!

There is a special British Airways Avios promo going on now that will let you save up to 50% off the required amount of Avios (British Airways’ miles) for travel to/from London. While you still need to pay a lot in surcharges, taxes, and fees, this can be a great deal if you utilize it the right way!

British Airways Avios Up to 50% Off Promo

Link: British Airways Avios Promo

The carrier surcharges out of London are horrible and really diminish a lot of the value in things like economy flights with Avios points. But, there are times like this sale when it can make sense to use those Avios for redemptions. Especially if you fly from the US to London! Going one way from the US to the UK can often be quite expensive unless you are flying on a low cost carrier. If you use this promo, you could fly from NYC or Boston to London for just 6,500 Avios and $93!

Here are the details for this British Airways Avios promo:

  • Simply book a reward flight in our economy (World Traveller) or premium economy (World Traveller Plus) cabins before 21 November 2019
  • For travel between 7 November 2019 and 30 April 2020.
  • Alternatively, for a more premium experience, you can fly in our business (Club World) or First cabins, for 10% fewer Avios.
  • If you don’t have enough for your chosen destination, you can purchase or gift Avios here and you’ll get an extra 50% Avios.

If you want a more premium experience (at least as premium as British Airways provides – which is much nicer if you are on a route served by their new business class!), you can get a savings of 10% on the Avios for business or first. Economy and premium economy will give you a 50% discount.

Here are some examples provided by British Airways:

A Great Example

If you fly from London, the surcharges will be over $200. But, if you fly from the US to London, it will be much lower! From NYC to London, it will cost 6,500 Avios for the one way and less than $100 in taxes and fees. If you fly from Los Angeles to London, it will cost 9,750 Avios and under $100. Both are pretty good redemptions!

Getting Avios

If you need Avios, you can transfer them over from Membership Rewards (Amex), Ultimate Rewards (Chase), or you can buy them on sale via this promo.


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