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Book These Hotels For 5,000 Points Per Night [Starting May 26]

Point Break
Written by Charlie

The next round of IHG Point Break hotels is about to become active for booking (starting tomorrow, May 26). Without a doubt, the IHG Point Breaks are among the best in hotel deals as it decreases hotels throughout the IHG brand to only 5,000 points per night. Some of the hotels that are listed in the Point Break hotel lists can normally go for 50,000 points per night, but as a Point Break hotel, you can book it for only 5,000 points! Now, many of the hotels in the list are often more in the mid-range of 30,000 points or so but that is still a significant savings.

IHG PointBreak Hotel List

Point Break

Crowne Plaza Semarang, Indonesia / From The Website

The following list of hotels are available for only 5,000 points per night for reservations through July 31, 2015. Remember, you cannot make more than two reservations per hotel during this booking period (you can still book multiple reservations at various hotels, just not more than two at one property). These will be bookable beginning Tuesday, May 26th for stays from May 26 – July 31, 2015.

Getting the points

There are a variety of ways to get the points necessary for PointBreak hotels. The one thing that I would only do as a last resort is to use Ultimate Rewards. Yes, these hotels are a fantastic value, but 5,000 Ultimate Reward points can be worth, at the minimum, $62. For many of us, we can find common value closer to $75 – $85 for Ultimate Reward points when transferred to partners like Southwest, Hyatt, United, and Singapore. So, only transfer if you cannot obtain points through one of these other methods.

A great way to get a bundle of IHG points is through the ihg credit card which you can read about here. Another way is through purchasing ihg points which you can read about here.

Notable Hotels

The hotels that people always rush for are the high-end Intercontinental hotels. As of late, there have not been that many of them released and the ones that are are not in the most choice destination spots (great places to visit, but just might not be on everyone’s list). Since this list is for the summer travel season, you can assume that the list of Intercontinental hotels available would be small – and you would be right! There is only 1 available with several Crowne Plazas available, however.

The Crowne Plaza in Panama looks like a nice spot and I know that Panama is always a place that people have on their list of countries to visit. If that is you, give it a look as you can do it for only 5,000 points per night! As for other hotels that may be notable, I do like the amount of airport hotels on the list. Airport hotels provide tremendous convenience during long layovers and for early/late flights. Being able to secure one for only 5,000 points may be just what you needed to get out of the airport!

Final thought – with the dollar at such great strength in Europe, do not overlook the European hotels. This is one way to extract tremendous value from your points for a wonderful vacation.

To get a visual idea of what and where the hotels are, check out this map from IHG’s blog.

Point Break Hotels Deals in the United States

Point Break Hotels in Asia, Middle East, and Africa






Point Break Hotel Deals in Europe









United Kingdom:

Point Break Hotel Deals in Central and South America




Point Break Hotel Deals in Mexico

Point Breaks Hotels in Canada


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  • The official list this morning is quite different than the leaked list prior to today. 2 Virginia HI express i wanted to book are not on the official list. Arrrhhghhh