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Where You Can Book A Large Room in New York City at Base Price

large room in New York City
Written by Charlie

Find out where you can book a room larger than many suites in New York City for the price of a regular room!

It is not easy to book a large room in New York City! Finding a room with space to spread out does not always come cheap in New York City (particularly Manhattan). Space in Manhattan comes at a premium and that premium gets passed on to the hotel guests. But, there is one place with a nice location that has a large room at base price in Manhattan.

Where You Can Book a Large Room in New York City at Base Price

Large Room in New York City

From Hyatt website

Link: Grand Hyatt New York

This large room is advertised as having 500 – 600 sq ft. That is a lot of space in Manhattan! That it is available at the same price as a regular room – and even with points – is a great deal! In fact, that size room is even larger than many suites in Manhattan!

The hotel is the Grand Hyatt New York. It is located at Grand Central Terminal. It is a Category 6 Hyatt hotel which means it costs 25,000 points or 12,500 points + $150 for a Points + Cash reservation. It is at least $300 – $400 per night on most nights but on the weekends, it can be had for under $200.

Large room in New York City

The Grand Loft is the same size as many suites

That price is for the regular rooms but is also available for what is called the Grand Loft. It is larger than all base suites at 500-600 square feet and it costs the same as a regular room. It can also be had for Points+Cash. Here is what the Grand Loft offers in the way of amenities:

  • Hyatt Grand Bed™
  • Flat screen HDTV
  • Geneva® Sound Station with iPod® Dock
  • Individually controlled heat and air-conditioning
  • Blackout drapes and windows that open
  • Deluxe June Jacobs® bathroom amenities
  • Iron and ironing board
  • In-room safe
  • Coffeemaker upon request
  • Newspaper upon request Monday through Friday

Large Room in New York City

Instead of a regular bed, it has the queen sofa bed which is a Hyatt Grand Bed. This would likely be the one tradeoff from the regular room. These rooms were debuted this year and there are 12 of them in the Grand Hyatt. If you are headed to New York City and need some extra space, definitely check out this room! You will have to scroll to the bottom of the room lists to find it but it is there and at the same price as the cheapest rooms!

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    • Right. Several weeks ago I made a reservation for this very room and had to do a search to find images. In reference, the hotel specifically says that the bed is a sofa bed, and that’s the only “bed” in the room.

  • Not to intentionally be a buzzkill, but this hotel has had and seems to still have a serious bed bug issue. I strongly suspect that’s why the rooms are so cheap. : ( I had a room booked there, got suspicious of the extremely low rates, and then found out why, so definitely stay at your own risk.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Actually, rooms are only cheap there on the weekends. Regular weekdays can and do run over $450 per night for a base room!

  • Just spoke to the hotel because I wanted to book this room and couldn’t find it – they stopped selling it