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Biggest eBags Stacking Deal Yet! Includes 36% Cash Back Bonus!

Written by Charlie

Today only, you can take advantage of the biggest eBags stacking deal yet! You could get way more than 50% off some items with the headliner being the 36% cash back!

Well, the deals keep coming for eBags! Seriously, if you are thinking about getting any travel gear/luggage, eBags and the portals are making it very hard to say “no” now! The major part about this, the 36% cash back, is available only for today! Check out this post for more great deals today through Shop at Home!

Biggest eBags Stacking Deal Yet!

The biggest difference from the previous deals is that there is a better shopping portal offer – Shop at Home. They are paying out 36% for shopping at eBags! That is huge!

Now, I will say that the TRIP code that takes off 20% is not listed on the ShopatHome website. Since their terms say only codes listed on their own site and that show + cashback will be eligible, I cannot say if the TRIP code will work (chime in in the comments if you have experience with cash back working when using a code found on the retailer website but not at SaH). But, there is a whole list of different sales/codes you can use, including 25% on final sale items and 20% on Samonsite.

This is a multi-step deal that is really simple but you must do these things in order to get the most savings out of the deal.

1. Save Amex Offer

stacking deals

Amex has an Amex Offer for eBags about 3-5 times per year and there is one going on right now. So, head over to your Amex Offers first and save the offer to your card(s). The offer is for $15 back on $75+ spend. Once you save it, take your Amex card and move to step 2.

2. Go Through ShopAtHome



ShopAtHome is currently offering 36% cashback on spending at eBags! That is great! All you need to do is go there from here and you can click to get the 36% cashback! If you spend over $150, you will also receive a $5 bonus!

3. Coupons/Codes



The codes that are listed on the Shop at Home page for eBags are the Samsonite code for 20% off (SAM20) and the code for the final sale items to take off 25% (FINAL). Go to this page to see the various codes available for discounts and cash back.

4. eBags Rewards

While this is normally just a couple of percent that you can use on future purchases, eBags has a special deal right now for Tumi products where you will receive 20% back in rewards for future spend. That is huge! If you do want Tumi, this should help to make the cost more reasonable.

Putting It Together

So, let’s see how this will add up! For ease of math, let’s take an item(s) that costs $150.

Item cost = $150

  • Item cost = $150
  • Discount of $37.50 – $37.50
  • Amex Offer cashback – $15
  • Shop at Home 36% cashback – $54
  • Total price – $43.60 or almost 71% off!

Remember, the Amex Offer is on the Amex end so it will not affect your Shop at Home cash back or final price on eBags. This is a great way to realize a lot of cashback and get some nice gear at a bargain as well!

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  • If you have multiple Amex cards with the eBags offer, you can buy separate $75 eBags gift cards. The catch is that eBags checkout only allows you to use 1 gift card, however, you can chat with customer service to “combine” your gift cards into a single one.

  • The code TRIP is listed. That’s where I got it – from ShopATHome. It works. You get the cash.

  • Can you double dip by getting 36% cashback when purchasing the gift cards and another 36% when using the gift card to purchase a bag? Anyone have any experience with this? It seems like if you just go through the portal for each transaction it should work. ShopAtHome policy doesn’t specifically mention/exclude gift cards for this merchant.

  • Don’t get the $37.50 discount either.

    I would assume you couldn’t double dip on the gift cards. Shop At Home probably only gives cashback based on the amount paid towards that item and discounts payments made via giftcard. If it works let me know 🙂

  • Went through the entire process using Amex offer for $15 off $75, 36% ShopatHome, TRIP code and bought 3 items totaling final price of $86 and change after 20% off. Checked out and was billed $107 and change. Opened a chat about the issue and was asked if I used a code. Told them TRIP. They gave me a statement credit for 20%. Used Shoprunner for free ship. Also, don’t forget you get eBags rewards for your purchase. Hope the 36% tracks.

    • Wow, just received an email from ShopAtHome that my cashback posted. Checked my account and sure enough, received $38.88 cashback. Only placed the order under 3 hours ago. Sweet deal! Bottom line I received $107 worth of items for about $28.

  • Just received this from email from ShopAtHome: We hope you’re enjoying your recent purchase from eBags!

    To say thank you for shopping with us, get TRIPLE Cash Back on your next eBags purchase.

    Went to the site and they are giving me 36% cashback again. Have about $25 in ebag bucks and will see what kind of discount code is on ShopAtHome. Looks like I’ll be making another purchase.