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Great Stacking Deal: $20 off $100 at Newegg + Amex Offer

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Written by Charlie

Act fast to get a great discount on Newegg with this Visa Checkout and Amex Offer combo! It is a great way to save $45 on your purchases today!

A new stacking deal has emerged today, courtesy of Visa Checkout and the already-existing Amex Offer for Newegg (I love when Amex and Visa play nice together!). The sweet spot for both of these offers to work will be $220 but that will equal a total savings of $45 so not bad!

Stacking Deal: Big Discount on Newegg with Visa Checkout and Amex Offer

Step 1 – Shopping Portal

Link: CashBackMonitor

The payout is not great, but it is something so make sure you start with your favorite shopping portal. TopCashBack is paying out 4% on marketplace purchases so check them out if that fits your purchase as well.

Step 2 – Amex Offer

If you have already saved this to all of your cards (which you should have!), make sure you grab the right Amex card. If you have not, make sure you add this to your card(s). I’m not sure if the enrollment limit has been reached yet or not.

The Amex Offer for Newegg is to spend $200 or more to get $25 back. It expires 12/31/2016.

Step 3 – Visa Checkout

discount on newegg

Link: Visa Checkout Offer

This gets asked all the time, so, yes, you can use an Amex card through Visa Checkout! It works great that they allow this since Amex Offers are a great way to stack your savings. Use code VCOGREEN16 to take $20 off at checkout.

This Visa Checkout deal is for $20 off $100 on Newegg. Now, it does not allow it to be used on gift card purchases so unfortunately that will not work. It also does not work on items that have gift/bonus/promo items included with them.

Putting it Together

To put it together, make sure you have at least $220 in your cart to checkout. Once you add the VCOGREEN16 code, you will receive $20 off putting your total at $200. When you pay using your Amex card through Visa Checkout, it will kick in with the Amex Offer (if you saved it to your card) and you will receive $25 back from Amex. That will bring your out-of-pocket total down to $175 for $220 in purchases! Plus, you will earn 2% – 4% from your portal as well!

Not to bad at all! But, act fast as this Visa Checkout deal is for today only and may likely fill soon!

HT: Slickdeals for Visa Checkout offer

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  • Thanks for the tip. How do you set up VISA checkout to bill to an AMEX? Also, will this work with the purchase of a non-New-Egg gift card (e.g., American Airlines) through New Egg?

    • Just add your Amex card to your Visa Checkout account. Nothing special needed. The Visa Checkout code will not work with any gift cards, unfortunately, but the Amex Offer will work with anything charged by

  • this might not work, amex offers have issues if you go through a third party checkout. we need verification of amex offer + visa checkout

  • it says you may not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party