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Best Rate Ever: Get 5% CashBack on eBay Today Only [Some Categories Excluded]

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Written by Charlie

Today only, get a huge 5% cashback on eBay. This is the highest the cashback rate for them has ever been and you can get some nice deals – even though some categories are excluded.

Maximizing rewards and benefits is all about getting the most you can – and then stacking it! With shopping portals, it just makes it that much easier and, today, you can really take advantage of some cash back opportunities for eBay!

Best Rate Ever: Get 5% CashBack on eBay Today Only

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Link: TopCashBack for eBay

While we have seen some pretty good coupons and eBay Bucks offers over the past year, we have not seen a big cashback offer for eBay through the big shopping portals. However, for today, TopCashBack is offering 5% cash back at eBay although some big categories are excluded.

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If you are not yet a member of TopCashBack, sign-up through this link over at Doctor of Credit to get a free $25 back! We had this same deal last month and now it is available over at DoC.

Excluded Categories

Here are the categories that are excluded from earning TopCashBack offers on eBay:

  • Electrical Goods (Including Phones, Power Tools, Small Electronics and Gaming items)
  • Gift Cards & Coupons
  • Camera & Photography (Including accessories & Photographs)
  • Bullion, Coins and all other money items
  • Computers
  • Tablets and Networking

To be honest, those excluded categories pretty much sum up what all my eBay shopping and selling include! So, this is not that going to be something that is great for me!

What to Buy

However, there are still millions of items that will be eligible for that 5% cash back on eBay! Plus, you will still get your eBay Bucks with your purchase as well! Some things you could check for would be GPS items (under running categories), luggage or other travel gear, or similar items.

One tip – if you are looking for an item that would normally be in one of the above categories, search for that item but do the search in categories other than those. I have found at times that some sellers will list their items in other categories that require less in final value fees on the gamble that people are searching by keywords and not categories. So, you may get lucky and find your high dollar item in an art category instead of computers!


While 5% cashback is nice (especially on a site like eBay that doesn’t normally see it that high!), I certainly would not go running to buy something just because of the cashback. Still, if you had been looking for something and it is not in an excluded category, today would be the day to pull that trigger!

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