BankAmeriDeals Offers including Some Travel Offers

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Written by Dustin

There are some offers from Bank of America that caught my eye that could help you save money. This includes a couple of offers for travel as well!

American Express Offers definitely receive more attention, Bank of America also has their own money saving program. It isn’t as lucrative as Amex Offers, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. When I was looking at my account today, I had many in my account that could bring about some decent savings.

BankAmeriDeals Offers

For all of these offers, you must pay with your Bank of  America Credit Card.



  • Valid only one time
  • Earn 5% cash back with maximum savings is $34.00. Which means you’ll receive max value if you spent $680
  • Not Valid on 3rd party purchases
  • Payment for completed stay must be made by 6/17/17

While there are other ways (gift cards for 5x) to earn more points, but receiving 5% back as a discount is still very good. Include the fact you would get to keep any travel benefits your credit card could potentially offer you as well.

Don’t forget you can stack this with Delta’s partnership with Airbnb and earn Delta miles as well.



  • Earn 10% cash back, up to $3.00. Maximum benefit is reached at $30.00
  • Not valid at retailers, airports, hotels or grocers.
  • Offer expires 6/30/17
  • Based on terms, buying a gift card for $30 should trigger the offer

While this deal has a small limit of $3.00 max, earning 10% cash back is still pretty solid. I personally would load my Starbucks Gold Card with $30 and call it a day on this offer.

Hilton Offer #1


  • Earn 10% cash back when you spend between $125 and $500.
  • Maximum Cash back is $50
  • Must be a Hilton Honor Member.
  • Offer only valid at Hampton by Hilton, or Hilton Garden Inn
  • Valid one time only
  • Offer Expires 6/30/17
  • Payment for complete stay must be made by 6/30/17

While this deal has a limit of $50 cash back, this is still a pretty solid offer for a paid stay. Depending on if there is an Amex Offer, you could split tender at the hotel and stack both of these offers.

Hilton Offer #2


  • Earn 10% cash back when you spend $150 to $500 at Hilton Hotel and Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, Conrad Hotels and Resorts, Curio, DoubleTree, Embassy Suite
  • Maximum cash back is $50
  • Must be Hilton Honor Member
  • Valid for single use only
  • Expires 5/31/17
  • Payment for your completed stay must be made by 5/31/17

Similarly to the Hilton offer above, this should stack with Amex offers for Hilton. While 10% back doesn’t seem like much, it is still a better offering than the point value you could receive from other cards.



  • Earn $75 cash back when you make 2 separate transactions with AT&T.
  • Must use for wireless products or services of at least $15 or more by 8/3/17
  • Offer is valid one time only
  • Cash back is earned within 30 days of making you second transaction
  • Offer Expires 6/19/17

I would think paying your cell phone bill twice (if you have AT&T) would be the easiest way and most logical way to trigger this deal. If you don’t have AT&T, it seems you can spend $15.00 on services or products to trigger this offer. That could make be a money makre for people who decide to go that route.



  • Earn 10% cash back on purchases from Petsmart
  • Maximum cash back is $7. You’d need to spend $70 to earn the maximum amount of cash back
  • Valid one time only
  • Not valid at Banfield Pet Hospital, veterinary, or pharmaceutical  purchases
  • Offer Expires 6/14/17

This doesn’t specify if it must be in store or online, but it seems it should work at both. Personally, I would purchase a gift card through a portal, since it doesn’t exclude them, then buy the products I needed with that gift card through another portal.

Use a Shopping Portal

With all of these offers (excluding AT&T) you can earn more cash back or points by utilizing a shopping portal. This can add to your savings, or increase your point total for your next trip. You should always be looking to use a shopping portal when shopping online.


While these may not be as lucrative as Amex Offers, they can offer some decent savings for purchases you might already be making. Some of them could stack with Amex Offers to bring you more savings as well.

Do you pay attention to BankAmeriDeals? Did you receive any other offers?

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