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Awesome Deals on Garmin’s Best GPS Watches!

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Written by Charlie

Check out these great Garmin GPS deals – some of them are the best deals ever on these watches! There are watches for every price point you could want.

Here we go – with summer just around the corner, people are getting outside more and thinking about gear that they want to use for their outdoor activities. If you are looking for a GPS device that works great for running, cycling, adventures of all kinds, hiking, etc, Garmin really has you covered. And now, for the first time for some of these watches, you can get them on sale at great prices!

Great Deals on Garmin GPS Watches

I have been a Garmin GPS watch user for about 18 years. I have used/owned just about every version of the popular Forerunner and Fenix series watches since then. If you have any questions about any of the watches on sale, definitely leave a comment because I have likely used it and may be able to help you choose!

Beginner/Basic Garmin GPS Watches

At the cheapest end of the spectrum, Garmin has their Forerunner XX series. While they are currently on Forerunner 55, the Forerunner 45 watches are still a great choice to provide basic GPS tracking and pace information. This is the watch if you want to get some notifications from your smartphone as well as track your runs. It is simple and clean and on sale for $129 – down from the original price of $199 (which is also the price of the better Forerunner 55 so never pay retail on the 45!)

Garmin’s Lifestyle GPS Watches

In filling another area of what users want, Garmin has both their Venu series of watches and the Vivoactive watches. Both of these give you a lot of GPS features and smartphone notifications (some even giving you AMOLED displays) while looking more lifestyle-ish as opposed to some of the more rugged makeups of other Garmin watches. These are on sale from $249 and $199.

Tough Garmin GPS Watches

While Garmin has their Fenix lineup (which really is their top of the line tough watch), they also make the Garmin Instinct lineup. These watches are actually very much liked by military users and they are no-nonsense toughness while delivering a bunch of features for a variety of outdoor activities.

Not only that, but their solar version could literally just never die as long as you get enough sunlight for it. These watches have a similar look and style to the popular G-Shock watches. These are on sale from $249 and go up to $349 for the solar models. These are available in a variety of colors so check them out below.

Garmin Fenix 7 Watches – The Tough, High-End Watches

Next we get to the Fenix line up – the current model being the Garmin Fenix 7. These are built with more premium materials to help you in tougher situations while also looking pretty good. Plus, certain models do come with options like solar and sapphire. These are the current versions of these, having come out last year. However, there could be a newer version (possibly more of a slight upgrade instead of big one) coming out next week.

These come in 3 sizes – 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm. The 51mm has a cool flashlight feature that is quite bright and also can be used to flash behind you from the watch when you are running to alert vehicles/other runners when you are out at night.

Being premium watches, these are normally quite expensive but this sale brings them down to a starting price of $499 with the top models (sapphire/solar) being $799.

The High-End Premium Garmin GPS Watches

Yes, Garmin has their MARQ lineup of watches but with those starting at $1,900 and not adding much in the way of features to their models, most of us are not looking there. So, that makes the Garmin Epix 2 the high-end premium watch for most consumers. And, this is the first time it has been publicly on sale from $699.

Having owned this particular watch for over a year, I can tell you it is like no Garmin you have ever owned or used! It has all the guts of the Fenix 7 lineup but coupled with an AMOLED display. Even with a nice bright AMOLED display, you can still get a lot of great battery life out of this watch.

Just note that the base Garmin Epix 2 does not come with either Sapphire glass or titanium casing. It also does not come with as much storage (16gb vs 32gb) which is important for the onboard maps. So, for the extra $100, I would go for the top-end Epix 2.

So, there you go! A deal for every kind of Garmin GPS watch price point you can imagine! With one big exception and that is the mid-tier/upper tier Forerunner watches and that is because they just came out a couple of months ago. You can find their predecessors on sale often (the Garmin Forerunner 255 and 955).

If you have any questions, let me know!

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