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AWESOME Deal! For as Little as $45, Get the Southwest Companion Pass and Have a Friend Fly Free!

Written by Charlie

This is an awesome deal for a couple of reasons but the biggest is the fact that you can save some money and have some companionship early next year for just spending as little as $45 now! Enter the Southwest Companion Pass deal of the year!

Southwest Companion Pass for Just One Paid Flight = Two Months of Free Flying for a Friend/Family Member

Link: Southwest Companion Pass Deal

Ok, in a nutshell, the Southwest Companion Pass (which, imo, is the greatest deal in air travel several years running!) allows you to have a selected companion fly with you on any Southwest flight – paid or award – for just the taxes. That means paying just $5.60 per leg on domestic flights for that companion!


Wait, what about $45? To qualify for the two months of the Companion Pass, you need to register and purchase a ticket. Those tickets start at just $45 since any paid ticket works!

Normally, it takes spending a lot of money with Southwest or getting some Southwest credit card bonuses to get this Southwest Companion Pass but Southwest is offering an incredibly generous 2 month opportunity for just the cost of a single paid ticket.

The Deal Details!

Here are the details:

  • Register and purchase a flight by September 24
  • Travel by November 15
  • Get the Companion Pass for January 6 – February 28, 2021

That’s it! You do have to actually purchase a flight to get it all started, reward flights do not count. But, with flights costing as little as $45 for a one way ticket, it can be pretty cheap to get this companion ball rolling!

After that, as long as there is a single seat available on your flight, your pre-designated companion can be added to your reservation for any flights between January 6 and February 28.

Register, Buy, Fly!

There you go – not much else to say about it as it is pretty simple! But, the opportunities are pretty plentiful for the first couple of months of 2021. Also, this could be a great way to feel comfortable about traveling since you could always buy two seats (one as an extra) and add a companion for free for the third seat and have a row to yourself. I am not sure if Southwest will still block middle seats then but if they do, bringing a free companion means you get the whole row to yourselves whenever you fly!

Just a Couple More Things

Remember, the qualifying flight to earn you the companion pass has to be purchased and flown AFTER you register! So, you could always cancel a current flight and rebook it but you must purchase it AFTER registering!

Also, during this special Companion Pass window, you can only change your designated companion three times during the promotion. So, pick those friends or family members carefully! To see more about this (especially if you have actually earned the Pass for all of 2021), check out this page.

Lastly, if you have several people in your family, half of you could go ahead and get this promo and the other half flies free later! Definitely nice for families of 4 people or more!

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  • It’s a “nice” deal… I wouldn’t call it AWESOME. A bit of hyperbole I think. 2 months of free flying for a companion mid-winter. that’s nice. A full companion pass and 2 years of free flying… now THAT is awesome.

  • It is the middle of winter with flu season in the middle of a pandemic with no one flying
    They are trying to fill seats when no one is expected to fly.