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Awesome Deal! Current 12″ MacBook with 512GB SSD for $999 – Brand New!

Written by Charlie

Today only, get an awesome deal on the current 12″ MacBook with 512GB of storage and an i5 processor – for just $999! To make it better, that is brand new!

This is an amazing deal for what is a great laptop for travel (or even stuff at the office, especially plugged into a monitor). I have written about similar deals in the past but those were for refurbished versions. This is the price for a brand new 12″ MacBook with upgraded internals of 512GB of solid state storage and an i5 processor (with 8GB of RAM). For $999, that is a great deal!

Awesome Deal! Current 12″ MacBook with 512GB SSD for $999 – Brand New!

Link: 12″ MacBook Gold | 12″ MacBook Rose Gold

Clearing the Shelves!

However, make no mistake – this is definitely a clearing of the shelf for this year’s model. This model, which is the latest, is the 2017 model and is definitely due for an upgrade. The new models will have better processors that will pack more power while being more conservative with power. They will handle graphic tasks better as well.

But, they will also come with a high price tag! The retail and regular price of this model is $1,599 so you will probably pay $999 more later for an upgrade machine than you could pay today for something very capable.

Very Capable Laptop for Travel

This is the same exact model that I used to own and I really liked it! Even though it is so small, it is amazing the punch it still has. Of course, you are going to stutter doing 4K video edits but I was still able to do Photoshop and video work on it.

The 512GB of storage is definitely nice to have! That is the amount I pretty much always go for in my MacBooks since I find it to be a sweet spot (external, tiny SSDs have dropped in price but the 512GB still gives me enough storage on the device as well). As I said, this 2017 MacBook also comes with the upgraded processor, an i5.

The Deal Source

This deal comes from B&H, a very good audio/video/computer/camera store in New York City. Plus, you won’t pay sales tax when purchasing it and having it delivered outside of NYS.

If you like the space gray or silver, you are out of luck with this deal. You can always get a skin from someplace like dBrand (which is what I have) to make it whatever color you want.

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  • I agree that’s a great laptop for travel. My favorite laptop to travel with is the macbook air 11″ but sadly Apple discontinued it.