Avis Takes On Uber with $9.99 One Way Airport Rentals and Free Gas

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Avis is going after Uber and taxis with cheap $9.99 one way rentals to and from airports and throwing in free gas as well! Check out the details of this great promo to see if it works for you!

Avis is going after Uber with some pretty aggressive one way rental rates to and from airports. If you are traveling to some cities that will run up larger Uber bills, you may want to give this a look as there are some great deals here – including $9.99 rates from NYC airports to Manhattan!

Avis Offering $9.99 One Way Airport Rentals and Free Gas

one way airport rentals

Link: Avis $9.99 One Way Airport Rentals

I would imagine that many of the people that take Uber do it for the convenience of not dealing with driving. But, there are some people (like myself) that do not always go from point-to-point in new cities. In situations like this, it is nice to have a rental car if you are making stops along the way or need to take a lot of people and bags. The part that is not nice is the high price of one way car rentals or, the alternative, parking in a city and paying the high prices.

Avis does away with both of those negatives by offering one way airport rentals from $9.99. To make it even sweeter, they are even giving you free gas and 150 miles – as long as you drop it off within 12 hours at certain locations.

one way airport rentals

Here are the details of this nice deal from Avis:

  • Keep the car for up to 12 hours; get a free tank of gas and 150 free miles.
  • Rates start at $9.99
    • Thursday to Friday — pick up at the airport, drop downtown
    • Sunday to Monday —pick up downtown, drop at the airport
  • No discount code required to take advantage of these low rates.
  • Reserve and pick up a one-way car rental Thursday – Friday at a participating airport location and drop off at a participating downtown location within 12 hours.
  • Reserve and pick up a one-way car rental Sunday – Monday at a participating downtown and drop off at a participating airport location within 12 hours.

To see the complete list of airports and their corresponding city locations, check out the offer page.

Good Deal?

Like I said, there are some people that would prefer to drive but not pay the high rates for cities that are on this list. This includes me. I am overnighting in NYC in a while and normally take the train from JFK. This time, I wanted to stop and grab some things (plus have luggage) so was considering taking an Uber. But, they can be a bit pricey from JFK!

Yes, I will need to pay for tolls but it still would be cheaper than doing an Uber, especially with my stops. It is something to consider and I like that Avis is improvising a bit to grab some attention back from Uber.

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