Are You Ever Too Old To Start Running? This Incredible Man Shows You “NO!”

Are you ever too old to start running? This incredible runner shows you that is not possible!

No matter what it is, there are always people that say they are too old to start “____.” For some people that is travel (I can certainly tell you that you are never too old to start traveling!) while with many, many others, that “thing” is running. People see runners and often will say something along the lines of “I wish I could run because it looks like such a good way to ____ but I am too old now.” I love it when the person that says that is in their early 40s – what, too old?! No way! Some of the runners that I have enjoyed running with many times started running in their 40s and can beat many a younger person in races!

While I did not start running at an old age, it sometimes feels like I did (I was 24) since I didn’t run track in school. But, it was still fun to start and I do not have plans to stop at any point!

Are You Ever Too Old To Start Running?

But, in answer to all those who still think that they are too old to start running, that is only because you have yet to hear of Hidekichi Miyazaki. This elderly gentleman did not start running until he was in his 90s!!! That’s right, this world record setter for age groups in the 100m dash did not even start running until after most people have already passed away. In fact, according to reports, he started running because his friends had passed away!

He completed another 100 meter dash this past week for the over-80s men in a meet and finished with a time of 42.22 seconds. He said he was disappointed with his time (his world record time he had set for 100+ age runners was 29.83 seconds) and said he was not in good condition for the run. He does exercise daily and eats healthy, to which he credits his ability to run.

Amazingly, he is not even the fastest 105 year old at the 100 meter distance. Even though he received a World Record certificate for being the oldest sprinter in the world, a Polish runner actually ran a faster 100 meter time several months ago at an older age (by a few months). Believe it or not, this other runner – Stanisław Kowalski – actually threw the shot put and discus that same day in June for world records!!!

Hidekichi’s record time for the 100+ year old group has actually been surpassed since he ran it a few years ago as well but still stands as amazing accomplishment, especially for a man that began running at that point of his life.

Still, what an amazing thing to be able to still have the desire and drive to get out and run when you are 105 years old! And Hidekichi really enjoys it! There are many photos taken from his meet where he is doing Usain Bolt’s Lightning Bolt move after completing his 100 meter event. He has even challenged Usain Bolt to a race sometime. 🙂

So, the next time you say you are too old to start running, think about Mr. Miyazaki!

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  • I should probably start running since I’m out of shape and overweight. However, I can’t run much without stopping due to my flat feet.