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Application Live For Barclaycard Arrival Plus Again

Arrival Plus
Written by Charlie

A couple of weeks ago, it came out that the well-known Barclaycard Arrival/Arrival Plus cards were going to change some of the features. Before that news came out, the application link for the cards had went down.

Application Live For The Barclaycard Arrival Plus – Again

Well, the applications are up again and live for customers wanting the Barclaycard Arrival Plus. Even though it saw some major changes to the rebate and redemption (as well as a travel exclusion and the loss of TripIt Pro), the sign-up bonus is still worth a solid $400 with a 5% rebate on points used.

Arrival Plus

The application for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus is back online

Barclaycard Arrival Plus Application Link (not a referral link)

The most unfortunate part about the sign-up bonus is the minimum threshold necessary to redeem the miles for travel. It used to be at 2,500 miles, equal to $25 towards travel. Now that threshold is at 10,000 miles, or $100, for travel redemptions. In addition to that, the rebate is now at 5% instead of the previous 10%. So, instead of getting $400 for travel and then another $40 for travel from the rebate, you now get $400 for travel with $20 towards possible travel (you must get that up to $100, or 10,000 miles, to redeem for travel).

$400 Is Still A Great Sign-Up Bonus!

Still, the sign-up bonus is a great one and it allows you to essentially wipe out $400 on travel across a broad range of categories. If you marry that bonus with an award redemption that is charging higher fuel surcharges, you can get rid of those fuel surcharges with the bonus from this card! In addition, it is just an easy card to use and redeem with. A $400 sign-up bonus is, in my books, still a pretty good one and one that you should keep in mind.

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