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Apple AirTag for the Win Again – Passenger Locates Her Lost Bag at an Apartment Complex

Written by Charlie

Another win for the Apple AirTag as it helped a traveler track their bag to some very interesting locations – even though the airline said it was “safe”.

Since their release, I have been a huge fan of the Apple AirTags for travel – and use them every single trip. They are great for tracking anything that may get lost or even seeing how close your checked bag is to really getting to you on the baggage carousel. Here is another story that proves the value of these little devices.

Apple AirTag FTW – Again!

This story comes from a viral Twitter thread (the original tweet has been viewed over 24 million times) from a passenger that had flown on United Airlines and they had misplaced/delayed her bag. As a result, the airline used their third-party delivery service, according to their agent, to get the bag delivered to the customer, Valerie. The problem was that the AirTag showed that her bag was actually sitting at an apartment complex.

To make it more strange, when she went there to find it, she saw that there were other suitcases outside the apartment complex as well. This happened last Friday, December 30. Strangely, her bag started on the move on January 2, heading to a shopping complex, apparently to a McDonalds, based on the AirTag location. After a little while there, it headed back to the apartment complex.

Finally, her bag was delivered to her by the courier, but not before the United Airlines agent told her over her Twitter chat that it was with the delivery service distribution center – “safe”, according to the agent. However, it again went out to another shopping complex before returning to the apartment complex.

Based on the data from her AirTag, Valerie had filed a police report over this and hopefully some answers come out as a result.

Now, there is one thing that I am curious about. Apple had updated the AirTag devices to notify someone if an unknown AirTag was with them for 3 hours or more. So, I am imagining that whomever had her bag was only with the bag for about an hour at a time or else the AirTag would have notified them that it was present and even made a chirping sound to be located. Even though Valerie’s bag was locked, if the person was doing something illegal, I’m sure they would have opened the bag to get that tag out. Another thing is that the person could have had an Android phone, even though Apple said it was working on notification for Android devices as well.

An AirTag MAY Be Your Best Travel Accessory

Hopefully, this never happens to you but no matter what, buying an AirTag could be the best money you invest in a travel accessory. Not only can you always know where you bag is, but you can also keep track of it if it is delayed or lost by the airline. It is no wonder that Lufthansa didn’t want these AirTags being allowed to fly with them – especially during the time of luggage overload.

I just wish that AirTags were around back when my suitcase took a major detour with Emirates – for over 5 weeks!

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  • My AirTag is still hanging around apartments here in Dallas after AA “lost” my bag. All the while they were saying “we have people looking for it” yet I was telling them where it was at based on the AirTag location. They didn’t care. Now that they have said it’s “lost” they won’t reimburse for any items that were listed for more than $100 without a receipt. Who keeps receipts on items you bought years ago? Including dress shoes and work suits. Utter rubbish.

    • That is total rubbish. Sorry you went through that. I had ended up getting everything reimbursed when Emirates lost (and then, much later, finding) my bag but they only reason I had the receipts was it was filled with gifts and some other things I had JUST bought. Totally with you – if it had not been for that, I would not have otherwise had the receipts.

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