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Lowest Price! The Apple AirPods Max Are On Sale for $120 Off

Written by Charlie

The Apple AirPods Max are on sale at their lowest point they ever have. If you have been waiting for a pair, now could be a good time!

If you have missed previous sales on the Apple AirPods Max, then you will want to grab this one. This matches the lowest price that the Apple AirPods Max have ever been at.

Apple AirPods Max Are on Sale At Their Lowest Price

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When these were released, they came with a very high price – and that has kept many people away, myself included! 🙂 In fact, I had planned on getting a pair to try out but got a pair of the Bose 700 Noise Canceling Headphones during Prime Day for just $125 new and absolutely love them – I won’t be paying 4 times that for these! 🙂

With the high price came some things like the familiar digital crown from the Apple Watch to allow a real control vs touchpad controls (like the Sony headphones have) as well as easily replaceable earpieces, thanks to magnets, and the high quality Apple build. They also have the H1 chip that allows easily transferability between Apple devices on the same Apple account as well as things like spatial audio for a better, more immersive listening experience.

But, you don’t get a cable with it that allows you to connect to devices like in-air entertainment units (something that comes standard with both Bose and Sony) and you do not get a case that protects the entire headphones.

If the price was keeping you away and you really wanted them, now you can get them cheaper than ever with this $120 discount.

Just remember that it is entirely possible that we will see a new version of these in the months to come. But, with Amazon, you have a 30 day return from the time you receive it so even if Apple surprises everyone and releases a new pair this week, you can always return yours. But, if they do release a new pair, it will not be this cheap and will likely not see a sale for some time.

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  • In my opinion and opinions vary, they are TOO expensive. It’s like buying a $200 pair of sunglasses, what could go wrong?

    • That is the thing that kept me away from them even with sales – that is a big price jump, especially when Sony and Bose offer more customization AND a cable to use on airplanes for much less. And, I have to say, these Bose 700 headphones are awesome! And they probably feel even more awesome because I only paid $125. 🙂
      As to the sunglasses, I’ll meet you in the middle. 🙂 My running pair is a custom pair of Oakleys that retailed for $250 from them but I only paid $100 for them with Oakley. Best sunglasses I ever ran in and using cheaper ones had often been a pain with fogging lenses, bumping around on my face, tension going overtime, etc. So, I like my $200+ pair but would never pay it. 🙂

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