Who Else Is Tired of Airline Stories?

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Written by Charlie

We have read a lot of airline stories lately of individuals who are talking about what happened to them. But, is it too much? Anyone else tired of them?


Last month, United made the major news rounds in a bad tone for them – with images of law enforcement officers that they had called dragging off a bloodied passenger who had refused to give up his seat after he had boarded. The entire event and the aftermath was written about ad nauseam.

Who Else Is Tired of Airline Stories???

Since that time, other airline stories have popped up – a family taken off an airplane, a person taken off the airplane when trying to use the bathroom, a woman told to urinate in a cup, a woman hit with a stroller during boarding – and the list literally goes on and on.

Important Note: I am not referring to things like describing experiences or providing reviews of airlines and such but I am speaking about the events that we have heard and read/seen 50+ stories/posts about.

Covered Again, and Again, and Again…

I have to say – I, for one, am really tired of it all! Not just the incidents but having them covered again and again. Yes, the initial incidents that occurred directed the attention of customers at an airline culture that has some bad eggs at the customer end and airlines have put policies in place to prevent such events from occurring again. When there is a terrible act committed, I think it is good for it to be shown to the public to ensure that such things do not ever happen again.

Cameras Are Everywhere!

The problem is that we live in a very digital age where many want, and can get, their 15 seconds of fame. That fame can sometimes even translate into fortune as well! With cameras on everyone’s phones, it seems that many passengers stand at the ready to record airline personnel at the drop of a hat when it seems some injustice is about to occur. Consider this – how many different angles and videos are there from every incident we hear about at airports or on airplanes now? People are ready and willing to grab digital “evidence” of whatever they feel is not right.

Publicity Creates Copycats and Drama

For me, the problem is that the more some of these issues are talked/written about, the more people are going to look for their way to cash in on something – whether it is in airtime or money. Also, there are “injustices” that occur every day in all manner of outlets from department stores to schools to workplaces to anyplace else human beings congregate. Not every person-to-person dealing is perfect and sometimes it can escalate. But I don’t think we need to read 25 stories every time someone didn’t act/react like a human being should.

Waiting for the next birthday cake story…

In the end, the only reason the media and blogs continue writing about something is because there is interest so maybe I am the only one tired of these airline stories!

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  • Airline stories, Cruise line norovirus, fakenews media attacks on Trump, buying hotel points with bonuses, The Kardashians are just a few of the things I’m burned out on for sure.

    • I hear you – including the buying hotel points. 🙂 I mostly have no interest in buying hotel points but there are a few people that do so I round them up when I can!