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ANA’s Most Popular Campaign Is Back

most popular campaign
Written by Charlie

I don’t know what it is, but I have had a little bit of continual interest for ANA and their credit card offers (as you can see here and here). While ANA is a strong airline with some award sweet spots, their credit card offerings to US customers are just kind of funny. I mean, they are marketing their airline-branded credit card in the largest credit card bonus market in the world! You would think that it would drive them to offer some great bonuses with their credit card offers. I understand there would be limitations on how many miles to offer (since they have a distance based award chart), but it would still be nice to see them throw something interesting our way.

most popular campaign

ANA is bringing back their most popular campaign…

Instead, they have brought back what they call their “Most Popular Campaign.” Ready for it? It is the fact that they waive their $70 annual fee for the first year! 🙂 But, wait – you only have until September 30th to sign up for this offer! 🙂

The strange part is that this would actually be useful to the Japanese market, but this is only offered to US residents so it does their biggest customers in Japan no good. Thanks, ANA and First National Bank of Omaha!

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  • This is very typical of Japanese companies. I live in Japan and there are many similar credit card offers of 1000 mile sign ups, 5% off sales, etc. and the locals go crazy for them.

    The Japanese managers think these kind of ‘deals’ would entice non-Japanese as well, which kinda tells you the lack of global insight most Japanese companies have.