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An Amazing World Record Attempt – Twice!

When it comes to world records, most of the world’s recognition of such running events occur at the shorter distances – like Usain Bolt’s Olympic greatness. As the distance gets longer, it seems more of the population loses touch with interest in such runs.

In my mind, interest should grow even more at records that take place in the higher mileage ranges. After all, most people cannot comprehend actually running 26.2 miles, 31 miles (a 50KM distance) – forget about the 100K and higher distances! But, maybe since people cannot relate to the distance they also have no interest in records set there?

Michael Wardian Attempts World Record 50K Treadmill – Twice!

But, this record and its record holder is one that deserves to be recognized for his achievement. Michael Wardian is, quite simply, an incredible runner. He has competed in races of all distances and does amazing feats like running, and winning, back-to-back marathons. Not a whole lot of people can claim that! Back in 2013, I profiled him in a marathon post – read that for more information about this incredible runner.

On A Cruise Ship – Attempt #1

The record attempt that he made this time was on a cruise ship for an adventure race. While onboard, he decided to run a 50K on a treadmill to set a world record. He was unable to find such a world record time so he just went at it – and finished the 50K in 3 hours, 6 minutes, and 24 seconds. That amounts to a pace of 6 minutes and 1 second per mile for 31 miles, a great pace!

But, shortly after that world record attempt, he found out that a runner in the UK had actually set the record back in December with a time of 3 hours, 5 minutes, and 57 seconds – a mere 27 seconds faster than Michael’s. This had been brought to his attention over social media and it was interesting to read all of that real-time and see how Michael responded to that news.

World Record Attempt #2 – And Success!

How did he respond? He responded by hopping back on the treadmill the next morning, or less than 30 hours after the previous attempt. This time, he did it, smashing the world record with a time of 3 hours, 3 minutes, and 56 seconds – a pace of 5 minutes and 56 seconds per mile. Simply amazing to run that time for a 50K anyway, but consider these factors as well:

  • He was on a ship at sea
  • It was just over a day since he had already run 31 miles in a little more than 3 hours
  • It was hot where the treadmill was located
  • Did I mention he did it at sea with the ship moving around?!
  • Oh, he ran a Spartan adventure race the day before he ran these ultras!

Congrats to Michael Wardian on a simply amazing world record attempt – twice! And, now he does have the world record for the fastest 50K on a treadmill.

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  • This is insane! He us a beast to be able to run that much in short period of time.
    Charles, as a beginner that just picked up this hobby, I’m wondering how he can endure 3 hours running nonstop and manage that pace of 1 mile per 6 mins and not ran out of breath or feeling pain on his leg/feet? Is there any food or drink that would help one to do that kind of thing?

    • Once you are able to get in a routine on the run, your breathing is relatively normal. As long as you are not running so fast that you cannot carry on a conversation (which is the rule of thumb for longer training runs), your breathing is fine. There is pain that comes but the more you train, the longer it takes to feel it and the more accustomed your body is to it. I can do my long runs (20+ miles) without that much discomfort and even find them easy when I am in the midst of peak training because of the way the body adjusts.
      As to food and drink, the best way to make sure you can maintain your body during such an event is to keep your electrolytes balanced. Different people handle that in various ways – energy drinks (powerade, gatorade, etc) and energy gels (and, in some cases, salt tablets). You need to have some type of replacement strategy for longer runs to make sure you do not “bonk” or hit the wall.