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Amex App Update Now Lets You Send Referrals

american express 1099s referral bonuses
Written by Charlie

With the latest Amex app update, you can now send referrals to friends and family with a simple step. Great way to get points even quicker with referrals!


Normally, I do not cover smartphone app updates unless it is some significant change. I felt this latest update from Amex (on iOS, not sure about Android) would be helpful for many so wanted to bring it to your attention.

Amex App Update Lets You Send Referrals From Your App

American Express Referrals

amex appWithout a doubt, one of the best ways for American Express cardholders to generate additional points is through the referral program. This allows you to send a link to friends/family and when they apply and are approved, you get credit in the form of points. It varies by program but the ones we have recently maxed out were on the Hilton Surpass (20,000 points per approval), SPG cards (5,000 points per approval) and the Amex Plat Business (25,000 points per approval).

The problem comes when you are out with friends or something similar. I don’t know about you, but most of the time I am with friends, I am getting questions about my “free” travel and how they can do more too. I tell them about particular cards and even tell them I can send them a link for the card we talked about. However, I sometimes forget or they simply delete it later because it may look like junk mail to them.

New App Update from American Express

But, with this latest American Express app update (3/29), you can now send referrals directly from the app. This is perfect as you can send this to them with one quick step while you are with them and, most of the time, the referral e-mail is received within 1 – 2 hours. That way, if they have any questions, it can be handled right then.

The wording says “Eligible card members can now use the app to refer a friend – earn rewards when friends and family get an American Express Card through your referral.”

While there is always a way to get to the referral page for particular cards, they may not always be available in front on your account when you sign-in on your computer. So, it may not show all referrals (I cannot tell as I maxed out my referrals and they do not show up in my accounts anymore like they used to).

To find this on your iOS app, you will see a Refer a Friend banner on the home screen where you see your recent transactions. It can also be found by tapping on the Refer a Friend banner within the Membership screen.


With such great point-earning opportunities on Amex cards via referrals, it is nice to be able to simply access these now from within the Amex app. This makes it much easier next time you are chatting about “free” travel with your friends around the dinner table!

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