Amazon Success Story – Kindle Paperwhite For $26

Written by Charlie

Before anyone gets too excited – this deal was targeted and has expired. πŸ™‚ I just had to share one of those great deals that we all get from time to time!

Saturday evening, I received a targeted offer (which is why I did not write about it) of $75 off the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (or off of the Kindle Fire HDX) or $50 off the basic Kindle or the Kindle Fire HD. This was really great news because I wanted to surprise a friend and get him a Kindle Paperwhite while I was in the US (sorry to any of my friends that are getting excited right now – it is not you πŸ™‚ )and was hoping to find a deal. The $75 off the Paperwhite brought it down to $44 plus tax – awesome! Ordered and done!

Kindle Paperwhite

Today, Amazon has a non-targeted promo going on with $20 off the Kindle devices. Guess where I am going with this. πŸ™‚ Thanks to a thread over at Dan’s Deals, I decided to take a crack and see if it would work. I started a chat with an Amazon rep and mentioned how I get a great deal on this Kindle yesterday but noticed today that they are offering a general $20 off the same device and is there anything they could do. They replied – no problem, let me refund you an additional $20! πŸ™‚

Kindle Paperwhite

So, after tax, I will be getting a brand-new Kindle Paperwhite (regularly $119 plus tax) tomorrow for $24 plus tax! Not only is my friend going to be very happy, but I am pretty happy about that as well! Thank you, Amazon!

If any of you had received the targeted offer on the Kindles and ordered, you can also try and go ahead to do the chat. I straight up told them about the one I bought and they knew the price I paid. Be honest with them and tell them you would like to get an additional $20 if possible. No harm in trying!

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  • Thanks so much for posting. I too took advantage of the targeted offer myself over the weekend, although for less idealistic purposes. I reached out to Amazon to request the $20 credit. Unfortunately, I either got a bad rep or they’ve straightened things out…the rep insisted that only one promotion could be applied to the order. Oh well. I did receive a $5 promotional credit for my next purchase directly from Amazon.

  • Yep, this worked for me yesterday too on the paperwhite, but I was also able to get a normal Kindle for $0. ($19 after promo, refund of the $19 by chat.) so two kindles for 24 bucks!

    Just wish I had bought a Fire as well!

  • Thanks for this! I got in on the offer on Friday and got both a Kindle e-ink ($19) and a paperwhite ($44). Just chatted with Amazon and they matched the $20 price drop on both.
    @ Paul, I also tried to get a Fire on Friday but the $50 off and $75 off could only be used once each.