[Targeted] Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $50 Off!

Written by Charlie

Check to see if you were targeted for this great Amazon Kindle Paperwhite discount! You could get $50 off for a very low price on this fantastic e-reader. This is great for all of your travels!

I had been an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite owner for years and absolutely loved it! It is so lightweight but also gives incredible battery life and backlight to let you read it wherever and whenever you want!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $50 Off! [Targeted]

Link: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

We have seen some nice deals before of $79 for it, down from the regular price of $119. However, if you are targeted for this deal, this is certainly the best straight-up deal from Amazon on the Kindle Paperwhite!

How to Get The Kindle Paperwhite For $50 Off

kindle paperwhite discount

To see if you were targeted for this special deal, add the Kindle Paperwhite to your cart and use code KINDLE50 to see if you can get the $50 off. I had it on a few accounts so it may be widely targeted.

A Kindle ereader is a fantastic device for all travelers. Not only can you keep thousands of books on it, but the battery just lasts for a very long time! I never travel without a Kindle in my bag – even if I have a tablet/smartphone with me. That is because I can just pull it out anywhere and never really need to worry about the battery dying or needing to use it later for a different use (as you may with tablet).

By the way, if you want to try the Kindle Unlimited program, you can do that for 3 months for just $1.99! Check it out here.

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